Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have been feeling left out.  It seems that every blog I visit is so festive with Christmas lights and Christmas decorations.  It's my most joyous holiday and I am filled with Christmas spirit so abundantly, and yet, I haven't done diddly squat as far as decorating my house, etc.  I'm completely bummed out.  Thank goodness you all cheer me up with your wonderful posts and pretty pictures, etc.  I don't even have a Christmas tree yet, but as of tomorrow evening I shall have one in my house fully decorated to show off.   

While I was away in Oregon, I was able to capture some Christmas spirit via the town's decorations.  Here is a night scene in downtown Grants Pass, Oregon.   I hope you enjoy.

Click on photo to see greater detail.


  1. don't feel bad. I usually wait til the last minute to put up my tree,etc. I only do it for the Grandkids.

    Happy Holidays!!

  2. We seem to do less and less each year now that my daughter wants to celebrate at her place.

  3. I hate decorating. But I do it because my wife, son, and daughter in law want it to be perfect for the grandson. He's one-year-old!!! I could give him the box the lights came in and he'd be happy.

  4. I'm only moderately Christmasy myself. I enjoy some of the trimmings of the season but am not an over-the-top sort of Christmas person anyway, so don't feel bad! I'm only a bit more organised and into it this year because my working hours are currently very low and we leave town in two weeks' time, so there's no chance for a last-minute dash.

  5. Nice, santa flying through the air. Guess he was making a practice round.

    For those shots I just took with the tree shapes, here are directions how to do it

    Mess with the focus manually until you get the effect - the lights will be out of focus for it to work.

  6. I'm so behind on blogging that it's not funny.

    My best friend lives in Wilderville, Oregon! She does all her shopping in Grants Pass and Melford.

    I look forward to seeing your decorations.

  7. Get with the program girlfriend!!! Heck even I decorated. Look forward to seeing pics of your tree.

  8. Pretty! Night lights are difficult to capture properly.. for me, anyway. You did well. :)

  9. Pretty photo! Around here, people really do up their yards with lights. The palms trees have lights right up into their fronds.

    Put up pics as soon as your house is decorated! Even if it's on dec 26, who cares? & since the word verification for this one is rhumn - rum?- make hot toddies!

  10. My tree is up, but it seems the decorations are in storage. So I'm off to to Christmas Village to the Christmas Shop tomorrow for a few decorations. Like you, I love the season, but we have been having a slow start this year. We'll both feel better by tomorrow night!



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