Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot Out` "Dressed For Christmas"

Here are some Christmas photos from my town of Las Vegas, Nevada.  I hope you're prepared because this is a long one.  I love, love, love Christmas and wouldn't you know, my first field trip with my camera club was to the Cactus Garden Christmas Lights at Ethel M. Chocolate factory, so I got just a teeny tiny bit carried away.  I took 194 photos during my field trip and it was hard narrowing it down to fit into the town shoot out because I wanted to share them all.  (it's the first time I've ever had any night time photos turn out, so I'm excited to be showcasing these)  Anyhow, I managed to put my favorites on here so I hope you can endure the tour.  Buckle up!

My first two shots come from inside Arizona Charlie's Casino in the banquet room where my camera club annual award dinner was held.  This was three nights before the field trip.  Remember, if you want to see detail just click on the photo and it will enlarge.

Three angels caroling

Two angels caroling by the Christmas Tree.

Here's a couple of photos taken in my neighborhood.
After looking at Rebecca's blog I grabbed my tripod,
hopped into the car and drove around the block.
These were taken at 11:00 p.m.
I was nervous too.  You know how touchy some people can get.

This is across the street from my house.

Around the corner and down the block.

Same house as above

(Click on phot to see more detail)
Another house around the corner.

Next up I'll take you on a tour of the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory Garden of Lights.

It's quite a tour.  I hope you're in for the long haul.

And remember to click on the photos for more detail.

That's my friend Gayla in the picture. 
Click on the photo to see the weird effect of the lights on her body. 
She looks like she's a ghost walking right through them.

The photo above is my very favorite.  I just love the colors and how the light reflects onto the rocks.

And inside the building,

Pretty brown boxes topped with bows.

Well, that's the end of the road folks.

It was a long drive.

Thanks for not asking, "Are We There Yet?"

Please click here to see more towns dressed for Christmas.

Thanks for seeing through my eyes.


  1. Well I certainly did enjoy that trip! And good for you for going out and taking neighborhood photos. They look awesome too. I would love to have been on your field trip too, wow - what a place! The colors are just awesome. I kinda like that image of the santa. Cool.

  2. wow....those lights....that light show....amazing !

    now I guess I'll have to go out in the cold and take photos at the neighbors house, of their lights, to share...

    they are fabulous....but you know, it's cold and snowy and wet but OH what I do for my blog....

  3. Nice shots J.R. - night shots are not easy, but it looks like you have it down. Love your post.

  4. Great night shots!
    Good grief, what some places will do to decorate! Impressive. No recession there.
    Is the chocolate any good at the Ethyl M?

  5. Wow those are some awesome lights!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  6. I somehow knew that Vegas would do or should I write overdo Christmas right! Good shots. I see you had fun.

  7. Wow! How beautiful! I just love Christmas lights and those are magnificent. You make me want to visit. :)

  8. Loved all the Christmas pics. Wish you a very Merry Christmas and a very happy healthy New Year!

  9. You said Chocolate factory and chocoholic that I am I zoomed right to the bottom to see.... yummy.
    your neighborhood photos are fun too, but chocolate factory garden of lights trumps it all. way cool how you caught the path through the lights a couple of times and it is just as clear as if I were there. good job...

  10. That was a terrific trip, JarieLyn. A got strict with myself and told my lasy self I was not to leave until I'd chosen a favourite. After much scrolling and clicking to enlarge I've decided on the gingerbread men and candy canes narrowly over the caroling angels. Your chocolate factory shots are mouth watering!

  11. All your pictures are beautiful!! Great job.
    Merry Christmas!

  12. JarieLyn, no wonder you took so many pictures and I totally understand :) There are so many great ones here, can't imagine what you've still got waiting in the archives.

  13. Now I'm in the Christmas Spirit JarieLyn!

    That was just terrific, especially when you enlarge the pictures!

    Thank you,

    Barry & Linda

  14. Christmas lights can be so difficult to photograph and you did a fantastic job. I think my favorite is the one with your friend in it. The lights really did make her look like a ghost.

    On a side note... check out an elliptical trainer. I used to have one and it helped me to lose 40 pounds. I loved it.

  15. How fun, and I was at open mic the other night thinking why did I not bring my camera, since the coffee shop was full of decor and gift wrapping, but oh well. I also missed the giant blue tree that is behind my house in front of a business, its there every year, and I get to watch as lights go out here and there, and I think "Glad I am not that maintenance man" LOL

    I guess I could have done some drive-by yard shots, but bed was calling!

    I love yours, and sorry the drugs must be making me so chatty!

  16. Wow! love those amazingly beautiful lighting decorations.

  17. WOW!!! Walking through Wonderland! And you were right about the weird effects on your friend's body. Are you sure she is not a ghost? Great shots. I spent a lot of time in this post and it was worth every minute!

  18. Incredible! Fantastic! To die for! You win!

  19. Good morning..sorry I am parties yesterday! Ok now I need chocolate!! What a fun tour that was and the pictures where fantastic! Wow.
    I remember decorating our palm trees in AZ. Wonderful shoot out hon!! Have a wonderful Christmas!
    Namaste, Sarah

  20. Beautiful and magical photos. Your town really goes out. Love the tree.

    Merry Christmas!

  21. Wonderful job. I have loved being in this at Christmas time, even if I did act stupid and not have extra batteries. I am learning for sure.

  22. JariLyn, all I can say is "You rock girl!" These are fantastic!
    Merry Christmas!

  23. Wow, that Garden of Lights is absolutely amazing, and you did a fantastic job with the photos! :)

  24. PS: I love Vegas. I have a lot of money invested there. Heehe.

  25. Hi! I love your Christmas pictures! I am really in the spirit now! When you have a chance, surf on over to :

  26. these are all so beautiful! Vegas really does it up good for Christmas. to me it seems strange not having snow on the ground though.

    Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year!!

  27. I loved the tour. It looks like a really beautiful place and you did a great job capturing it!

  28. That's wonderful. The colours are brilliant!

  29. These were all great shots. I can't ever seem to get good shots at night or of Christmas light and you did really well. I love that carriage shot and the ghost shot was pretty eerie! And the house that arrange the lights to look like a little river of blue water was pretty cool as well.

    I can tell you're having lots of fun with your new photo group!



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