Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Big Boy Toys

Why is it that men love to play games?

I'm not talking about head games, although that is debateable.

I'm talking about Wii games.

They can just entertain themselves for hours.

This is my brother and my husband on Christmas Eve.

They love the Tiger Woods Golf game.


  1. Just as long as they don't emulate Tiger in other ways. Ha!

  2. Fine, just as long as they stick to Woods golf escapades! I keep thinking we should get a Wii exercise game...maybe it would motivate me to move my arse more.

  3. "the bigger the boys the bigger and more time consuming the toys".....right ?

    one of those things about life we'll never figure out...

    right ?

    but at least we can take photos of them being kids :)

  4. No clue, but I'm one that enjoys the peace when they are playing those games. lol

  5. My daughter bought a Wii at Black Friday and left it at my house fully plugged in, ready to go, games and all until Christmas and I never once bothered to pick it up. I had not interest in it. Does that make me old or simply a female?

  6. Confession....I love Wii and am thinking about planning a Wii bowling tournament in January with my friends. Maybe I am just one of the guys...lol

  7. Well everyone else said what I was thinking. Keep it to the golf game. :)



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