Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Commune Versus B & B With The Trees

My husband is from a very small town in Oregon called Cave Junction.  Basically, it's in the sticks.  As much as I love visiting and as much as I enjoy the beauty of the trees and nature, I find myself getting bored much too quickly.  I know it's because I'm too much of a TV person.  It's how I entertain myself at home.  The TV helps keep my restless spirit content, and when it doesn't I just hop into my car and drive around.   When I'm in Cave Junction visiting, there is no cable TV and I find the silence of just sitting deafening.  I don't know how to just be still and listen except when I'm alone and walking in nature.  But to just sit on the couch without a TV on in complete silence and without my computer or a good book is foreign to me and I don't like it.  It was in one of these moments that I thumbed through a guidebook I got in town called 101 things to do in Southern Oregon.  I actually found something in Cave Junction just a few miles down the road that I thought would be worth checking out.  So, my mother-in-law and I got in the car and headed to the place listed in the magazine.  We forgot the directions but my MIL said she knew where she was going.  We disagreed about which road the place was actually located, but she was behind the wheel so I just enjoyed the ride.  The following is what we found at this location.  It was neat, but somewhat eerie.  I felt like we were being watched and not taken kindly to, but we looked around a little and I was able to take a few pictures. 

Although this is pretty cool, it still didn't feel right.  This isn't the place I read about in the magazine.  This is more like a hippie commune and it didn't feel friendly at all.  There was even a sign posted about that warned us not to wander around.  I envisioned finding a huge pot growing field and being shot. I wanted to get out of this place.  We drove around some more looking for mile marker three which I said I thought was on Dick George Road, but my MIL was sure it was on a different road.  We drove back to the house and sure enough, the directions confirmed that this place was indeed on Dick George Road.  Well, we didn't have time to go back because my nephew had a basketball game and we had to get ready to go to the game.

The next day, we decided to give it anohter try.  This time my husband was with us.  This is the place I read about in the magazine and the owner was very friendly and welcoming.

These rooms were so cute inside.  This is a bed and breakfast treehouse.

If you think you'd like to get away from the noise, with no TV, no phone, this is the place to come.
You can read about it here.  It's pretty cool to read about.


  1. I always like finding out of the way places. I hope you and your hubby spend a quiet weekend there the next time you are out that way. Nice photos, convey the cottage/mystical mood well.

  2. Oh I agree, if there is no technology I'd rather be in a tree surrounded by nature than on a couch. Good for you two for getting out and investigating. Tell me about the award banquet. I sent an e mail to a local photography club but never heard back from the,. Hmpf.

  3. what a cool place! I would love staying there for a few days. I am a nature lover and for sure would be out with my camera.

    have a great week!!

  4. Glad you persisted and found what you were looking for. Worth the hunt, I'd say! Looks like a pretty magic place to me!

  5. Geesh, we are all too technology oriented. I have an air card for my laptop so I can take it pretty much anywhere. By the way...what were you thinking?? Going to your In-Laws without at least a book to escape into. TJ's family never did like me so being around them was always very strained as the feeling was mutual and when both sides are faking it, it is horrible for everyone. TJ was always seemingly oblivious to this. The pictures are fantastic though and what a neat idea for a bed and breakfast.

  6. I would love to live in this tree house. I have day dreams about building a tree house and living in it all of the time. Weird. You found a whole community of tree houses? Wow!

  7. Good thing you found the right place. I like this post. So much things to discover and enjoy being adventurous.

    BTW, please give me your mailing address. I'll send you a photo card.

  8. LOL...the first place...

    This tree house is darling! I would love to hole myself away and write. I could imagine the stories I could create :)

    And thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my short story. I really means a lot!

  9. gosh...I'm so like you in regards to the TV....the TV has to be on when I'm home or I go NUTS !

    now the hubby....he can handle the silence which is surprising since he's married to me....and I talk....all the time :)

  10. Great pictures, but how scary. I even got a scary vibe from those first pictures.

    I'm with you, I want to be around tv, computers and books.



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