Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Puppy And A Friend For Christmas

This is my friend Tina's puppy.

I took this photo on our way home from Oregon
when we stopped in Yuba City to see her.

We hadn't seen each other in twenty years
and yet,
we picked up right where we left off.

We were childhood best friends from 2nd grade until 6th grade.

My family moved us out of town during my 6th year in school
and I didn't see Tina for another twelve years.

She actually found me in my hometown of Bakersfield
and she came and stayed about a week or two with me.
We went out dancing every single night
and we had the best kind of fun.

Then when it was time for her to go back home
I rode with her and stayed about a week with her in Rio Linda.
I got to meet all of her friends and we went out a few times.

We didn't see each other again until just two weeks ago.
It was amazing.

We have a really strong bond and I am still mystified by how much we are connected.
I think she is my soul sister.

Isn't her puppy cute?


  1. This makes me want a puppy for Christmas! It's nice to have friends that you can reconnect with.

  2. Soul friends are amazing. I don't know what the magic is unless it is the strength of the memories and the fact that we know we are safe with them. I have a friend from middle school that I see maybe every 8-10 years and we pick up as if we had just seen each other last week! Puppies are VERY careful.

  3. Of course the puppy is adorable but aren't they all? JarieLyn it doesn't surprise me that the two of you have been able to stay friends for so many years. It seems to me that you are just that kind of a person, you know, the type that stays in your heart and mind forever.

  4. That's great that you reconnected with your friend. I have reconnected with a lot of people thanks to facebook. That puppy is absolutely adorable!!

  5. I have friends like that, JarieLyn. Aren't they just the best? As one of them once described it, we fit like old shoes!! Your friends puppy is adorable!

  6. great to have good "old" friends" This year, I saw my friend I had not seen for 40 years. After the initial awkwardness, we soon became old friends.

    Cute puppy.

  7. So nice to have a soul sister! And the puppy is really sweet.

  8. OMGoodness what a cute puppy! I have a soul sister too. For over 30years now!

  9. Soul sisters are a nice thing to have. Still looking for mine. Lots of friends, indeed, but no one who is like a sister to me. You are very lucky.

    Precious photo of the puppy.

  10. I never had a sister, and never even a soul sister. Isn't that sad? But I've had puppies and I lose my heart to them every time. This one looks like Reub must have looked before somebody abused and abandoned him. I wold take him in a minute.
    Creepy word verification=CRONI

  11. Friends like that are magic. I've just recently reconnected with a friend I had between the ages of 13 and 19. And it's pretty much the same as it always was.

    That puppy is just adorable!

  12. The puppy is adorable!

    How great that you and your friend have been able to maintain that friendship off and on through the years.

    I love dancing! Where in Bakersfield did you all go dancing?



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