Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot-Out ~ Favortie Things & Last Week's Theme Faces and People

It's really good to be back.  I have a lot of catching up to do.  I can assure you I have been very antsy not visiting any blogs these past two weeks.  It seems like it has been forever.  I feel like I have been missing out on something.  I will be reading all of your posts over the weekend and leaving comments so you will know I visitied you.  I have lots to tell but not now.  I will devote right now to this week's Friday Town Shoot Out Theme of Favorite Things, which came from the brilliant mind of Mark over at The Butler and Bagman.  I'm also going to be posting last week's theme of faces and people which was Sarah's idea.  You can visit her at Cottage Garden Studio Photography.  Without further ado, here are some of my favorite things. 

Golfing with my husband and friends.

Pampas Grass, My favorite type of bush.

Personal letters I've received throughout the years.

My books.  This is just a sampling of the many books in my house.

Junior bull riding at local rodeos.

Seeing beautiful countryside as I drive from town to town.


Too many favorites to post all.  I love vintage postcards, hanging out with friends,
cooking, eating, winter clothes.  Oh, and my dog.

Faces and People

Nephew Brandon at Thanksgiving.

Mother-in-law at Thanksgiving.

My husband and is oldest brother, Wil at Wil's house.

Nephew Nate's wife and baby; Sister-in-law's stepmom, Carla.

Nephew Nate's step daughter, Lauren.

My husband's youngest brother Travis, his son Chaise on the left, his girlfriend on the right, and girlfriend's daughter on the left.

One final picture taken during Thanksgiving.

My husband and a furry friend.  Wil's horse.

Thanks everyone for visiting me.  I've missed you all.
I can't wait to visit your blogs and read about all the exciting things you've been up to.



  1. Well, you certainly have quite the extended family. Thanks for letting me drop in!

  2. Hey, welcome back! I love your favorite have so many interests and loves. Your family faces are precious too.

  3. Hi Jarie Lyn, Things have been happening while you were away. I'm sure you will eventually catch up but in the meantime just go to and link your post. Lovely to see all your family smiling faces! And your favourite things. I love pampas grass, too! But I'm sure I've never managed such a lovely shot of it. Lots of it around here, I must practise more.

  4. thanks for sharing a part of your life. wonderful photos! have a great weekend!! (my. linky blog now)

  5. Great photos! I enjoy the diversity of your favorite things!
    Pampas grass, while different and beautiful, also freaks me out, because I have cut myself on those leaves many times in my life! Sharp edges! Yikes!

  6. I love your array of photos, and the rain, ah I love rain too...funny how I am finding things I did not post that I love all over the blogs...

    Funny how the first two photos of faces have cell phones, must have been random 'do not pose' shots, and I love it, sign of the times...I love my cell phone too :)

  7. Great pictures!! I love the one of you golfing.

    I also like vintage postcards.

  8. We have a similar grass to your Pampas, we call them Toi toi.

    We are watching Top Chef, and they show quite a bit on LV. I was thinking of you as I watch.

  9. Thanks for sharing your family and favorites with us! It's good to have you back--you have been missed.

  10. A double dose! Two for the price of one! A double whammy! Well, you get my frift. Thanks for the double header. I missed last week with computer problems, but I ain't going back. Great shots.

  11. Happy to have you back, Jarie-Lyn. I too love getting real letters written by hand on actual paper in the mail - so rare these days!

  12. what a great list of a 'few' favorite things - I liked your family being included in this topic - the barn photo is great - so many interests keep us young and MOVING
    good post,
    hugs from Brasil

  13. I really wondered why you were not active this last two weeks. Now my question is answered. Beautiful pampas grass and I like the photo of the rain plus the photo theme last week you shared are fantastic. Thanks for introducing members of your family.

  14. Good morning hon!! Oh I love them both!! I got stuck right away on your book shelf! I love to see what prople read!! Lots of those are on my bookshelf too!!:)
    I loved the rain too it can't rain enough as far as I am concerned!! Your people shots..loved MIL on the phone!! Everyone looks so relaxed. I will have to say what caught my eye was the horse tack hanging in the kinda house LOL!! Wonderful shootout hon!!
    Namaste, Sarah

  15. Welcome back! What type of books do you read? I love books; your family looks wonderful.

  16. I like how you put your favorite things in pictures! I love books, too, and have them all over my house. I do give some away and take some to school for my classroom library.

    And letters, real letters that come through the mail. I miss those!

  17. Lots of lovely things. I think this has been a great Friday shoot-out idea.

  18. We miss you too JarieLyn, but it looks like you all had a great time and it's always fun to visit family. I feel like I'm missing out on things going on in blogland when I can't get to my computer Strange huh? But once the holidays are over we can all get back to our normal bloggy selves. Welcome back!



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