Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Club With An Agenda.....Woo Hoo!

Some of you may recall that I mentioned in an earlier post that I was joining a camera club.

Woo Hoo!

Yep, I took tha first step.

 I jumped out of my comfort zone,

went to my first meeting,

paid my dues for the rest of this year,

 and all of next year.


I did it.

I opened the door for more photo opportunities

and a chance to learn with some of the best photographers in Las Vegas.

Okay, the truth is,

I had a friend join with me

so it made going outside my comfort zone a little more comfortable.

We went to a second meeting Friday night.

Joining this club is the best decision I could have made.

This isn't your ordinary run of the mill club

where a few people gather and take photos.

No, this club is a corporation that has been in existence over 20 years.
It is extremely professional and this club has the opportunity to display images
in exhibits all over the city of Las Vegas.

There are to date around 260 members.

There are two meetings every single month.

One is a program meeting where you learn about different photography techiniques and software, etc.

The second meeting of the month is strictly for photo competitions.

There are five classes for competitors:

Junior (18 & under)

Of course, I am in the beginner category.

There are 13 categories:
Abstract, Animals/Pets, Commercial, Creative, Documentary,
Nature/Wildlife, People, Photojournalism, Pictorial,
Portraiture, Still Life, Unclassified
and Club Challenge

There are two divisions for each of the categories:
Color and Monochrome

So, with all of that you can imagine all of the wonderful images we saw on Friday night.
The judges are very professional and a little bit harsh
but it's good because they critique the photos in a way that helps you to improve your photography.

If you'd like to see some of the members photography
There is a gallery  you can browse to see some of the images.
just click here and it'll take you there.

After viewing these photos you will understand
why I might be a little intimidated to submit my photos
but I assure you I will as this is the only way I am going to learn and grow.

The camera club is having a dinner banquet at Arizona Charlie's
on December 6th and I am bringing my husband to this event.
The purpose of the banquet is to announce the photographer of the year
and to give out awards and raffle off prizes, etc.

I'm really looking forward to it so that I can meet some of the members
and interact on a personal level.
My friend Gayla, who also joined with me is bringing her husband to this event also.

Also in December, there is a club field trip to the Ethyl M. Chocolate Factory
and Catctus Garden for their annual holiday light display.

I'm excited about this field trip because I'm hoping someone will help me
figure out how to take night time photos.

I can't hardly wait until next year to see what kind of field trips will be offered.

This year, I missed out on going to all of the following places:

Lovell Wash Narrows,  Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

Mojave National Preserve, Valley of Fire State Park

Walking Box Ranch,  Cathedral Gorge State Park

Rhyolite, Nevada;  Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest;

Las Vegas Lights;  Escalante, Utah;

Buffington Pockets;  Zion National Park .

I haven't heard of half of these places.

While we were at the last meeting, someone mentioned that Time Magazine had picked up
one of the images that was displayed in an exhibit, submitted by a Nevada Club Member.
It doesn't mean that Time Magazine will use the image,
but it does show what kind of exposure we will have by being in this club.

Also, another member, Paul Sobel, will have one of his video images used in a new TV show
that will be aired on E channel.  I don't recall the date or time but I thought that was pretty darn cool.

So, I look forward to talking about how much I learn and I hope to showcase
my imporvement as I take this journey in photography.

My favorite truth:

I am in the process of becoming.........

I am in the process of becoming a photographer
and that is the truth.

So, if you ever have doubts and need to recondition your thought process,
tell yourself that you are in the process of becoming.
That is not a lie because you are always in the process of becoming something
and your mind will acknowlege it as a truth.

Until next time.......

Hugs and Best Wishes to all my blogging friends and visitors.

I love it when you leave your imprint on my page and you all
inspire me so much, so thank you.


  1. I am so THRILLED for you--this club seems already to have opened up so many new possiblities and creative roads to you. are adorable in that photo up top--a Gal and her Camera!! :-)

  2. that is a big honkin lens you have there!! I hope to have one of those some day.

    sounds like tons of fun ahead for you. enjoy!!

  3. Oh, that is so awesome that you have joined and that you like it! I hope that you continue to learn and to share what you have learned with us.

  4. I am so excited for you. This will bring many rewards and big pat on the bag for getting out there and doing your thing! I wish that I had had this opportunity when I was your age. I don't think there are any photography clubs here, so I probably have to stick to the self-taught venue. Or...I can learn from your blog!

  5. first - I am so envious of that camera! ohhhh!

    second--I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!
    How thrilling_! and don't worry about that intimidation - it will spur you on to do exciting things....yay!

  6. The club sounds really cool. I admire you for taking the leap! I love your photos and can't wait to see how far you grow! Your post inspires me to keep growing and learning even though I am such a beginner with photography.

  7. first...thank you so much for your comment was perfectly said...even better than the point I was trying to get across....

    and now second...I am totally doing a happy dance for you right now...OMG I'm so excited about the photography club you jealous am I that you have something like right there at your fingertips !

    I can't wait to see all the fun and of course your photos that come from being part of this group....seriously, I'm so excited !

  8. You go, girl. That is wonderful news. I admire your bravery and am sure it will be well rewarded. I often think I am in the process of becoming. And every now and then think, "But I should have become by now!" Looking forward to hearing all about the club!

  9. What an excellent opportunity. It sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun. And you did not miss out on those trips. What you have there is a list of places where you now know the photo opportunities are great. You can visit them on your own time and KNOW that your camera will love it there. ;)

  10. I absolutely love the comment, we are in the process of becoming! You are going to do great; taking the first step is the hardest-you can only move forward from then on!

  11. This should be a terrific opportunity and a new creative path!

  12. That's really awesome! And, Inspiring.

  13. That is fantastic! So good to get out of your comfort zone...that's how you grow! And look at that lens...holy cow...awesome! Can't wait to see your photos!

  14. I love that - I am in the process of becoming. Yep, that's a good one. Congrats on going out of your comfort zone and doing something that will teach you and entertain you at the same time. Yay!

  15. Really pleased for you - hope it lives up to expectations. I have no doubt you'll do well.

  16. The nice thing about clubs, besides learning a lot about the subject/reason your club exists, is making cool new friends that you share a lot in common with. Good luck!

  17. Nice post, love the Info

  18. JarieLyn!
    I'm so proud of you! I'm sure you're going to have tons of fun and I can't wait to see the photographs you take!

    I'm hoping to join a creative writing group in January myself.

  19. So happy for you...oh I wish I had something like this too. And look at that camera you have! Wowsa.



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