Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mel's Diner

(Click on Photo to Enlarge)

No, this isn't the same Mel's Diner made famous by TV's Alice,

but it did catch my photographic eye and it is a nice neon sign

that would make a great postcard.

It's a cute little diner located on the scenic route in Boulder City

on the way to Las Vegas' famous Lake Mead

and the incredibly amazing wonderous awe of Hoover Dam.


  1. JarieLyn,
    Surely you and I are much too young to remember Mels Diner and the TV show Alice, aren't we? Remember "Kiss my grits!"

    Great photo, love the clouds in the background. You do have a photographic eye!

  2. cute sign. I love the arrow. when I saw your title on my page I immediately thought of the TV show!

  3. I think it's fun to try small local eateries, esp the dives. That's where some of the very best food can be found! Love your photo, great shot!

  4. Lovely photo, JarieLyn. The colour of the sign is reflected in the sky!

  5. Wow, the mel's diner post photo outside is resemblance with the color in the background. I love it. Wish I can taste the food inside

  6. Great photo, true Americana.
    Glad you stopped by in Normandy.

  7. We had a chain of Mel's Diners here in Florida for a number of years. They closed the one in New Port Richey a couple of years ago. The sign is still there though and it looks like this one.

    It had very good food and the breakfasts were great.

  8. mel's dinner...now that brought back some TV memories...

    we've come along way haven't we....maybe in a bad way, based on how good the "real shows" were back then....

  9. I loved the tv show Mel's Diner-you are very artistic!

  10. very cute picture and I love the sunset in the background!

  11. That's a pretty cool photo. I watched "Alice" when I was a kid and your picture did make me automatically think of it. BTW, thanks for that suggestion for a photo book. The photos on that site http://www.nowordz.com/ are wonderful!!

  12. That certainly is a great photo.. perfect with that lovely sky.

  13. One thing about Nevada, it seems the lights never burn out. When you see signs here, half the time there are burnt out light bulbs. Really cute shot.

  14. It has such a classic hometown feel to it....like I want to pop in for breakfast.

  15. That is a gorgeous sign!! True American Art!
    I love eating in diners,myself. :-)

    (I like my "verification" word --



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