Thursday, November 5, 2009

Friday Town Shoot Out: Skylines

This week's theme is skylines, chosen by Kate.  Kate lives in Kanasa and she says, " One of my favorite things to see when I go to a new city is the look of their skyline - and for me, skylines can be the look of a small-town Main Street or the giant buildings of a huge city's downtown or a field full of corn. What is the "skyline" that you think of when someone mentions your town?

My town is Las Vegas:
I encourgage you to click on the photos to enlarge
and see more detail.

Normally, I avoid photos of the strip because I think
that's what people expect to see when they hear that I am from Vegas.
I usually try to showcase parts of the city
that might change your paradigm as to how you view my town. 
I like to present it as a family oriented place with lots of places to go
without having to be a part of the place called sin city.
So, until today,
I think I've been pretty consistent in the types of photos
that I post.
Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the city
and all it has to offer.
The energy here is amazing and I love that the city never sleeps.
But, I like the slower pace most times.

I will be showcasing the city as you probably imagine it in your mind's eye
or show you pictures similar to what you've probably seen on TV.


This photo was taken on my birthday this year
on our way back from Laughlin.
This is a shot of Main Street taken from inside our truck
driving down the freeway headed westbound
and this view is looking southbound.
I think the Main Street Casino has the best buffet
even better than your fancy hotel casinos.

Today, I headed out with my camera looking for something to shoot.
This is the south end of the Las Vegas Strip
My perspective comes from the top of the parking garage of the Rio Hotel Casino.

This is the same view at a slightly different angle.
I like that I captured the railroad tracks in this photo.

This view is about as far west on Tropicana Avenue as you can go
looking east onto the strip.
I edited this photo and added several layers of effects. 
I think it looks so much better like this, because the reality is
Las Vegas is ugly during the day.

This is the exact same view as the photo right above it
taken just a few seconds later.
As you can see, I also edited this one. 
I changed it to black and white and then added some color which was accidental
but I really like how it turned out.


This Skyline comes from my very favorite city
Nashville, TN
This was taken from inside the car while traveling.
This is a photo from my trip there in August of this year.
I really like this skyline a lot.

The above photo is downtown Nashville, TN

(please click on the photo to get a better view)

Thank you Kate for this week's theme
and thanks to the Friday Shoot Out Gang for making this such a great experience.


  1. I love the look of the first Tennessee photo! Do you have photoshop? My friend just sent me her copy of photoshop elements to install on my computer!

  2. My husband commuted between Las Vegas and Reno for a year a few years ago. I agree, it looks better at night. We ended up buying a condo in Summerlin that he was going to live in during the week, but on the day of closing decided to take another job in Portland, OR. We never even moved in - it sold to the first person who looked at it. I agree, the parts of Las Vegas no one sees can be very pretty, and quite "normal."

  3. These views are just gorgeous, my friend.

  4. Oh wonderful shots..I love the editing you did!!Very cool!! Sarah

  5. I really like the second, the Tropicana Ave. and the last photo. I appreciate the city skylines more now.

  6. the two photos taken from the parking garage are quite nice. the color and focus so clear. here my camera is always looking through a white haze that softens and blurs. polution.
    you must have the clearest air in the world....

  7. So different for me ...and you did some wonderful editing too.

  8. Having spent a little bit of non-gambling-strip time in Los Vegas while working with the Salt Lake City treatment center, I found myself oddly tuned in to your vision. Very accurate...the affects you added worked well. I really liked this shoot alot.

  9. Las Vegas was perfect for this theme and yet you did not do the traditional architectural wonders. I like that. I also like your manipulation of the photo creating mood.

  10. Nice. I really like the shot of the one with the mountains in the background. I love mountains. They seem to call me. That is where I would be.

  11. Wow! That's what I'm talking about!

  12. Even though you showed the typical Vegas scenes, you did it in your own way and with your creative "eye"--I love the black and white one, especially.

    I didn't participate in this, of course, but if I were to show my favorite city "skylines", it would be old Boston's(my favorite city) and also NYC's(even when I see Manhattan from far away, like crossing over the Hudson on the Tappan Zee bridge, I get a thrill seeing the spires of those skyscrapers.

  13. It's wonderful that you added some personality to Vegas. The angles and colour change ups added a lot. The views were different. It's nice to see the everyday Vegas. The Nashville shots were gnarly! Thanks for sharing, JarieLyn.

    Best Wishes, Barry and Linda

  14. Very good shots of Vegas...loved your photo effects.

    Nashville has long been one of my favorite cities. I have always thought it is a wonderful mix of architecture--like a combination of Charlotteville, Va with it's old stone walls and Richmond, Va with the pre- and post-Civil War buildings.

    Good job!

  15. I love the editing that you did - I was hoping that you'd do a few of the Strip skyline :) You're right, though, as pretty and lit-up and everything that the Strip is at night, it is pretty ugly during the day :)

  16. I'm glad you gave us your take on the LV skyline! My fave was the first one. But I totally get what you mean about preferring the quiet places. btw, I hope you have fun when you come to Oregon; depending on where you are you may not have to worry about poison oak (it only grows in this part of the Willamette Valley)

  17. I like the one in black and white. It almost looks like an architectural drawing.

  18. That Nashville photo with the blue light looks like a painted picture.

    What else besides the Casino do people do?

    I had one opportunity to visit LV, but I didn't take it up. I was 21, I was visiting my Aunt in SF. She said, you must go to LV, I will pay for the bus trip. I said, better not, mum and dad won't approve. So I never did visit LV. The husband went on a conference, Another time, we took the kids to LA to Disney Land, no, I never got to see LV. (So Sad!!!)

  19. You took on a real challenge when you decided to do sights we have probably all seen. But you added the JarieLyn touch which makes all your photos so unique. I love how you played with the theme! Wonderful post.

  20. I like what you have done with your photos. I am agreeing with most others, the black and white and the one below it with blue skies. awesome!!

  21. I like that second photo, because I can see some familiar buildings from my trip there years ago! I didn't gamble at all but I love that place.

  22. Next time you're in Nashville, you'll have to stop by Paducah! I had a little chuckle: we call Nashville 'Nash Vegas' because it's the closest thing to big city excitement around here.There they both are in your post!

    Your photos are stunning.

  23. Beautiful pictures of Las Vegas!! I love the daytime shots. You don't see those very much. Las Vegas is another one of my favorite cities :)

  24. I have never seen a more beautiful sight from an airplane than las vegas at night. Thank you for the terrific post.

  25. Very nice. I like the shots with the effects, very interesting.

  26. the black and white with the window of color is neat!

  27. Ha! Since I have been to both places I remember the areas in your photos...good to see you like to step out of the you might evoke a gambler to get on a plane and head straight for the strip :)



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