Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friday Town Shoot Out~ Places of Worship

Let me preface my post by saying that this week's theme, chosen by Rebecca at The Dusty Cellar
was a very good subject.

I didn't do her theme justice and my photos are pieces of crap.
I procrastinated and so I wasn't able to capture the type of architecture I wanted in my photos.

I tried playing with the effects to make my pictures pop more,
but I even messed that up and made one of the photos worse.

So, I present to you what I call very ugly places of worship.

Very modern buildings that have no character whatsoever.

Bear with me.

I am embarrassed to post this
but I don't want to miss a shoot so I have no choice
unless I want to be really late in posting.

I'm even more embarrassed to post this one.
I tried to undo my color changes but I couldn't.
I played with it some more and this is what my editing skills created.
I don't like it at all.

Much better, but still not up to my standards of where I want to be
and the architecture is just so blah! 
there's no personality in the building
even though it has more than the previous two.

This is the prettiest building of the four churches I took photos of
but it is still so modern.
Again, I see no personality in the building.

A place of worship of another kind.............

Whenever I need to feel close to God
or feel connected to the universe
I gaze up into the sky
and I breathe in the beauty of the swirling clouds
that remind me of cotton balls and soft pillows.
I outline the shapes and colors with my mind's eye
filing the image away for future comfort.
 I am mesmerized by the sun peeking through,
casting light onto the dark shadows
proving to me that every dark cloud has a silver lining.
When I gaze up into the sky
I see miracles that I was too busy to notice before
I feel God's presence all around me
And I am grateful that I can see beyond the clouds.

To see the beauty in other places of worship please visit
Friday Town Shoot Out main page for a list of participants.
You will see amazing architecture and amazing photography.
You won't be disappointed, I can promise you that.


  1. Hi JarieLyn, you made me laugh. I think the first two are funny and the next two are great! (you are so hard on yourself, girl!) But, I agree, the loveliest places to worship are provided by nature.

  2. JarieLyn, thank you for posting this week. I agree that you are a little hard on yourself. Not having historic cathedrals in your area is nothing to apologize about. Your shots were terrific. I thin worship does not come from a cathedral, but from the heart.

  3. You left me laughing as well. I'm also absolutely certain that God has a great sense of humor.

  4. Yes, you are too hard on yourself. What are you using for editing? You should be able to undo...I am puzzled on that one. But I still liked it anyway. I am glad you put them up, my photos are never what I envision them to be, but we have to keep plugging.

    I seem to recall seeing a special on TV that focused on a church that felt like you were in the outdoors, it had lots of glass surrounded by foliage. After reading so many posts where people mention nature I am thinking that church was onto something!

  5. I agree..I loved your post..kinda went in the same direction myself..LOL girl..wonderful job!
    Namaste, Sarah

  6. Lots of churches are long low rectangles and it isn't much fun to take pictures of them; I found the same thing! But you're funny! The sky photo is a real keeper.

  7. Nicely done! It shows how varied places of worship can be.

  8. I think I got more enjoyment out of your pieces of crap than almost anything I've seen today. This was hilariously funny and speaks deeply to anyone who has ever taken a picture.

    Barry and Linda

  9. Your pictures are lovely as always.
    You soul is your temple JL and I think you have a beautiful one!
    Happy Friend my friend.

  10. finally in the last photo and in the dialog after you got it just right. is definitly not the photographers fault when the design and the landscaping leave a lot to be desired. these churches in there plainess speak greatly of the personalities of the communities in which they are built - and that my dear is what the FSO is all about, isn't it?

  11. all buildings have a purpose and lines, shapes, etc. you are way too critical of yourself!! look at the different lines, shapes, elevations in the buildings you have chosen!! great post!

    I really like what you have written.

  12. The best photographer in the world couldn't take good pictures of those buildings! They are totally void of personality...and you captured that essence perfectly! You should be proud (seriously!).

  13. As someone from another country ...I enjoyed your photos so much! Very different for me.

    Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. xxx

  14. I like to up to the Heavens--less distraction than looking around here on earth!

  15. I have to agree with you - #4 is the most perfect place of worship. The beauty is real and speaks to us.

    But I do have to laugh - you are so harsh on yourself! The other pics are not "pieces of crap" LOL.

    In fact, I think your color alterations on no. 2 resemble a 1950's type photo. Very cool! And the sky in no. 3 is absolutely stunning.

    Give credit where credit is due, girl! :)

  16. Your last shot make me think of so many bible verses, but you had the same problem that I did. Most of the churches in my town are the modern sprawling brick structures-not much individuality. The Catholic church is the oldest building and more unique but when I went to take a picture there was a kitchen stove in front of it. Evidently, they are getting a new kitchen!

  17. I suppose if you are a member of one of those "ugly"(yeah, I agree--not inspiring architecture at all) churches, and you find the inside a place of calm and good will, you look at the building differently?
    At any rate, it was worth scrolling down to your beautiful words and sky photo. I agree with you that you can usually feel God's presence when out in nature--that is how I feel, too. (there is a place somewhere in New hampshire-an open sky catherdral among pine tree. To me, that is the kind of church God must really approve of!)

  18. As you say, the architecture is uninspiring but at least you can console yourself with not having missed the week and at the end of the day, showing what our towns are like (for good or bad) is what the theme is about.

  19. don't worry about your photos...they still tell a story to us...and that first photo....I wouldn't step in that place...don't you think it looks cult like scary ?

    but like you...I just look up...that's all I need to do when I need to talk things out....

  20. JarieLyn - I think it is much more difficult to get interesting architecture in newer places (the entire Western US, for example! I do like your final image!

  21. I'd come to your place of worship under that pretty sky!

  22. That spanish Baptist church looks like a firestation.

    Did you watch a movie involving a fireman, I just forgot his name?

  23. Happy Sunday JarieLyn! As I was reading I knew you were getting ready to pull a rabbit out of your hat and that you did my friend. The ultimate place of worship.

    A Beautiful and thought provoking post. God and the worship of him is not limited to a box.

    Thank you.

  24. That last shot is really great! I think all of us have posted photos that weren't what we had hoped for!

  25. I actually kind of like the over-edited one (but you should always save a copy of your photos first just in case). And the next one down is kind of cool because of the perspective you get from the clouds and from the swirls in the driveway. Fun topic. :)

  26. I love the 3rd and 5th ones! the sky -- that's what made them pop even more....

  27. I think you are too hard on yourself. The first one looked a little forlorn. I see many of those types of churches in small-town Nevada. Dusty and sad. You did well to show that.



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