Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot-Out (Domestic Animals)

I love taking photos of my dog, so you will see a few of her in this post as well as some other animals.

Last week I took Sasha to Tule Springs, our state park in Las Vegas.

She thoroughly enjoyed being in the water, which by the way isn't allowed,
but I just couldn't deny her the pleasure.

She felt so good after her swim that she just decided to interrupt or stroll,
and roll around in the grass.

In addition to all the beautiful ducks in the park,
we saw many peacocks.
Sasha went wild for the peacocks and wanted to chase them.
She kept whining and pulling on her leash,
but I didn't let her get too close.

Isn't it a beauty?  No wonder Sasha wanted a closer look.

Last weekend the hubby and I went to another state park, Spring Mountain Ranch.
While there, I took photos of the cow and the horses on the ranch.

My hubby was calling the horse over to us and the horse obliged.

This is the lone cow.  He has no buddies except for the two horses.

I also drove around earlier this evening and captured these horses through my lens.

Right next door to this property,
Sasha spotted another dog and spoke to it in dog language.

I don't know what they were saying, it was all jibberish to me.
After our drive,
We headed on over to the local park for our evening walk and we spotted all kinds of doggies.
Sasha was in doggie heaven.

I know I've gone a little overboard with all of the dog pictures,
but that's mostly what's in my neighborhood.
With that being said, I'm going to rock the boat and give you just a couple of more.
I cannot leave this post without showing you how Sassy Sasha is after a bath.

I hope I didn't give you too much.
I'm like a parent showing off photos of her children.
Please accept my apologies If I show too much pride.
I love my Sasha.  She's sweet and sassy and sometimes, a little snobish.

I hope you enjoyed my photos, but if you didn't you can always check out more variety
Well, why don't you head on over there anyway.  They've got a great bunch of photographers on board.
I promise there will be plenty to see and enjoy.


  1. peacock is a very beautiful animal but they are quiet fierce too. I was once pecked by one because I was too close. Or perhaps she got annoyed when I walked away after taking a few photographs or her.

  2. I love all your photos! I think it's lovely to hear someone talking so fondly of their dog! You got a wonderful selection of animals!!

  3. what a sweet and wonderful post, what are we to do when domestic animals are - well DOGS. I Rio there would be nothing to see, not even strays. In Friburgo proper there are strays and parakeets in cages... I like sassy Sasha.

  4. You dog is so funny! our pets really enhance our lives. I love my babies. I love the colors of the third photograph.

  5. I enjoyed each and every one of them!! great shoot out and have a wonderful weekend. your dog is beautiful.

  6. I love all the pictures of Sasha. Why yall tolerate all the pictures of my GRANDS, it's what we love most!
    Great job!

  7. Wait a minute. I'll check again. Jen dog's name is Sasha too. Yours love to swim.

    The peacock is so beautiful. I love its color.

  8. Oh they were wonderful!!! Loove them - every one!! The Goose shot was amazing! Sasha is darling! That first shot was beautiful!! So glad I am no the only one with tons of shots - LOL! Wonderful shootout!! Sarah

  9. Isn't it great to live near so many parks? Sasha is a beauty, even when she's being silly after a bath! Our dogs don't like baths, but afterwards they are insanely happy.

  10. You can't have too much Sasha! They are the best pets! My own Sasha was a 20-pound cat, all black, with bright yellow eyes that kind of bugged out like there was so much fat behind them there wasn't room in his head. And his canine teeth stuck out under his jowls, making him sort of Sasha the vampire cat.

  11. I love those first two shots the best. Your pup is a beauty, all right. :) Her face is almost fox-like in that 2nd shot.

    Please don't ever apologize for what you post. Folks are here to read and see what YOU have to say and share. And you share fine stuff. :)

  12. Your Sasha (fab name!) is so gorgeous!

    Louis and I have taken Moonbeam out on public beaches (no no - bad humans!) so he could swim...what's the big deal? Moonbeam loved it, and he rolled in the grass after too!

    I love that expression on the dog's face that was conversing with Sasha. He looks very interested!

    Great photos!

  13. Great shots of can't post too many shots of your dog. The first one in the water is a classic.

  14. These pictures are wonderful. The goose and the peacock add to the ambiance. The love you feel for Sasha shows in the delightful poses you managed to capture. Well done!

  15. Some of those dog photos are fantastic got just the right moment!

    Especially like that first water one.

  16. You didn't overdo it at all...I love the first shot with your dog shaking the water. Great shot of the goose, also. I like the reflection and the color of the water. Pretty!

  17. The dogs at the zoo actually belonged there, they used to be in the animal show to round up the sheep but now they just went around the kiddy's area.

  18. Loved your post! Sasha is gorgeous.

  19. As a person who has never been further west in the U.S. than Kentucky, I am always fascinated with images of places out West like Las Vegas(and Nevada) becasue I can only picture the glitzy, casino part. Nice to see the natural part and the part where people live and work.
    Your dog is lovely, and my dog does the same movements in the grass after a bath. Guess they don't want to smell TOO clean, now do they?

  20. I gush over my dog too. It's a good thing that they are loved! You really took a lot of shots this week. How are you liking that new camera? That shot of the peacock is so cool. I don't think I ever saw one up close.

  21. apologies !
    we love our dogs like humans...sometimes even more... so keep those photos coming !!!

  22. I feel the same way about sharing pictures of my cats! Your shots are great and your dog is beautiful!

  23. I for one love seeing the picturs of Sasha. She seems to have such a zest for life.

  24. You should be a proud mama! Sasha is a beautiful girl!

  25. No such thing as too much Sasha - she's beautiful.



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