Thursday, September 10, 2009

11, 898 Visitors. Are You Kidding Me? I ramble on about visitors.....oh, no!

It seems my counter widget has gone haywire on all three of my blogs.
My Keepsake Letters blog has progressed from 284 visitors to over 11, 894.
Same with my Quoting The Quotable blog.  Only it went from 233 visitors to 11, 894.
And my main blog, which you are currently reading jumped from 1848 to 11, 898.
If you haven't visited one of my other blogs, you might be surprised by them.
You're asking yourself how I know the exact numbers, right?
Well, I keep track. 
(It's an anal thing.  It's the Virgo in me)
I know.  I just can't help myself.
Any time I view my comments on my blog I always make sure to write down the count.
I do this so that I can get a better idea of what readers are responding to.
Like this particular post right now.....
I probably won't get anyone too interested in reading this.
However, inserting funny pictures and lots of photos seem to help.
It seems that most of my visitors land here via the memes I participate in.
I'm still searching for my inner voice.
I thoroughly enjoy the memes, especially the photo memes,
but I do so secretly wish that people visited me because
they like my blog or the things I express in words and pictures
rather than feeling obligated to do so.
I really do spend a few hours every day reading other peoples blogs.
I don't do it out of obligation.
I do it because I truly love the blogs I read.
If you've noticed that I'm one of your regular visitors who always leaves a comment,
especially more than a brief sentence,
then you know that your blog is one of my favorites.
And at some point I will blog about my favorites and send visitors your way.
Right!  Like I really am the almighty powerful mover and shaker. 
Oh hell! 
I'll give it a try anyway.
Maybe someone will listen when I tell them about your really cool, awesome, inspiring blog.
Have a great day everyone.  I'll try to visit all your blogs by the end of this weekend.
I took a little break yesterday and today,
So I will catch up with you later.


  1. Yes you are cool! These are cool pictures.
    Blogger has gone nuts more than once, kind of like me :)

  2. Oh Jarie, can you just not accept the fact that you have become an overnight web sensation!?! LOL I can't speak for anyone else but I read blogs because I enjoy them too and not out of obligation. Hell, who has the time to read blogs they don't truly enjoy anyway? Enjoy your days off from the blogging world.

  3. blogs can certainly get addictive. And it's truly a community feel - I have made a few friends over the past couple of years through xanga whom I've never met in person but feel like I know really well and are true friends.

  4. You are a very cool blogger! I also very much enjoy your visits to my blog, and I appreciate your comments, for sure. I also like yours - you live in the opposite part of my state, and I love your perspective on things.

    I also would like to visit Santa Fe, NM, btw. And I love Seattle, but not as much as Portland, Or. I tend to want to visit green places. I know you can understand that, living in LV. Nevada is a bit on the dry side.

  5. Ah don't knock obligation. What often starts out as a courtesy return visit, turns into a genuine interest for a blog.. as is the case with yours (and Nancy's up there!). Just keep on posting what you enjoy. It's what folks are here to see. :)



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