Monday, September 28, 2009

A Drive Into The Past

Saturday after photography class

the hubby and I went for a drive,

as we usually do.

We ended up in Boulder City

and we were delighted to discover

a car show going on at the park.

I took lots of photos

but I decided to share just one.

I hope you will click on the photo

so that you can see all the detail.

I snapped this photo because I loved the window display.

I thought it was so creative and adorable.

Look how shiny and reflective the paint color is.

If you look in the sideview mirror

you can see me snapping the photo

while my husband is standing next to me.

We had a delightful day

but my feet were killing me

as I was wearing my 3 1/2 inch heeled boots.

The first time all summer that I have worn heels

and we end up walking around.

Maybe I should learn to keep a spare pair of flats in the car

at all times.


  1. Spent much of my youth in heels, but have to admit those days are long gone. Although I find cowboy boots very comfortable and can wear them anywhere.

  2. Yes, flats are a must as you start to take pictures for hours and hours :)

    Great classic car. There are reflections all over that car. I see you and your hubs and a couple of others too. Great picture, little lady!

  3. Nice job! No give those feet a break!

  4. Oh I absolutely love this picture!! It has SO much character and sends a thousand a different thoughts into my head!

    I just want to thank you SO much for the comment you left me on my blog the other day. It was one of the most encouraging things I have ever heard and I am so appreciative that you even read my blog. Thank you for bringing such a huge smile to my day!!

  5. We stil have a drive in here where you can still "eat on the window"!

  6. The car with the side tray - it's like, wow, a fifties drive in.

  7. Love that pic and must show it to TJ. He is building a 32 Coupe so he is always dragging me to car shows.

  8. That's a fab shot, JarieLyn. Well done, you! My sympathy to anyone who has to spend too much time in heels, how I did it in my youth is beyond me!

  9. I can see you and your husband in sideview mirror. Shiny car it is! And i love the food and the smile thing.

  10. I would title that photo "Americana Reflection".

  11. I only started to wear heels in the last few years(mostly boots--my feet at least feel more supported) and I have to admit I love the look. But, I stand and walk(never sit)for at least six hours at my job so don't often wear even those heeled boots to work.

  12. great great photo !!
    seriously...I just love it !!! retreats...the one I go to is valley ridge art studio and I have also been to squam {aka s.a.w.} there is artfest in washington state and art and soul has many locations depending on what kind of art you want to do....all of these can be googled and many of my side bar blogs have participated at these locations...most recently was squam...please let me know if this helps and if you have questions, by all means you know where to find me !! I just can't tell you what these retreats do to a woman's soul.....

  13. the moose mamas looked interesting but I couldn't find where their site was updated for this year and that concerns me a little....

    and even though you live where a venue might be, in order to get the whole "girl/woman tribe" thing out of a retreat it would worth staying right there in the hotel where you stay up late at night in rooms laughing and journaling and getting to know each other....was that art and soul ?....they have a really good reputation !!

    and also...the instructors make all the difference in the really need to make sure you check out who they are....

    there is a small art retreat in feb. in oregon that might interest you....
    the blog with the info. is be present, be here at blogspot....I believe...

  14. Hi!

    I changed that one photo, it goes better in the series I took it in. :) It's a log - LOL!

    This photo of yours is excellent, I love it!

  15. Wow, nice clear photo. Love that stubby cute Coke bottle! :)

  16. Great shot. I love how creative they were with this car.. and that you were able to capture that whimsy on camera.. along with your own reflection. Too cool! I hope your feet feel better by now. :)



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