Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ABC Wednesday~ J is for........

Today is ABC Wednesday
Each week a different letter of the alphabet is represented.
This week it's the letter J.
Today, I am showcasing jars; Money jars to be exact.

This particular jar is used specifically for found money.

Justin (that's the hubby) and I, started this tradition a few years ago.

When we see a penny on the ground or any other coin, we pick it up.

Upon picking up the found coin

we say aloud the following words to attract more,

"I am a money magnet"

As soon as we get home, we toss it into the jar.

At the end of the year,

 we count it up to see how much money we found on the ground.

The first year we did this, we counted $28.00.

Now $28.00 doessn't seem like a lot of money,

however, this is money that is just tossed out like trash.

We make it a habit now to look down when we walk.

We look all around,

 skimming parking lots, sidewalks, bare fields,

inside buildings, parking garages, etc.

I found 32 cents on Monday at the river.  It was right there in the dirt.

Justin actually found two pennies in the water.

Don't get me wrong.

We don't make  a job out of doing this.

We just keep our eyes peeled while we're out and about.

Instead of counting up at the end of the year,

we decided to just keep filling up the jar with found money until it's full.

It's amazing how much money you can gain just by looking around. 

We also find bills that we throw in the jar.

This isn't really my vacation money.

But it is where I save all of my 50 cent pieces.

I collect money banks of all kinds.

Today, you get to see just the money jars.

It's ABC Wednesay, afterall.

And today, is the letter J.

Good wishes to everyone from JarieLyn and Justin.

Now go visit the crew over at ABC Wednesday to see how creative

and imaginitive other participants are.

Have a jolly good day.


  1. Not only a fun, terrific post, but a very good idea! And I love the colorful jars! Great photos, too!



  2. Love the jars, I'm going to keep my eyes on the ground tomorrow. I know someone who does a lot of cycling who is always finding useful bits and pieces, including tools, by the roadside. I only ever see the odd battered shoe.

  3. Pretty Jars and great idea.
    The GRAND~girls are always looking for money to put in the bank for Ice Cream. We never take the money out of the Sweethearts bank for ice cream but I think they think we do. Whatever, it's fun to look for money.

  4. such an interesting hobby! it pays too! those jars are beautiful

  5. A very fun and creative J post.
    I love the idea of a found money jar.....think I will start one too.

  6. Jeepers! (That's the only word I can think of at the moment that starts with J.) I put all my leftover change in a money tin and periodically count it up and bank the amount. It's amazing how quickly small change adds up. However, apart from the occasional stray coin, I don't think I've ever found enough money to warrant a jar of its own, and certainly not notes!

  7. I love the jars! So pretty and colourful!

    I keep all money that I find when I'm out and about, too. I keep a tin (sometimes two) in the kitchen and the found money goes in there. I choose a different charity each time I empty the tin to start again. At the moment it's a 'wheelchairs for kids' charity. Last time it was the Retired Greyhound Trust.

    The first time I did it, I collected nearly £12 in just over three months! We have a school in the village and apparently at that time it was not 'cool' to pick up dropped coins. LOL!

  8. Those jars are nifty and everyone loves the idea of found money!

  9. The most I ever found must have been 150 guilders: someone had left it in the cash machine!!! I went back to the bank the next day to hand it in though.
    I love the jars, I've got one that I cannot open without using a hammer! Yours look a bit more recyclable.

  10. Riding the bicycle, one finds LOTS of coins. My wife puts change in a jar; I tend to spend it.

    Lovely jar, BTW.

  11. Love these jars! Much prettier than the large pickle jar I use to put loose change in:) It's amazing, though, how much money can accumulate when you clean out your purse every so often:) Thanks for dropping by and visiting me!

  12. Loved your site layout...pretty nice. These jars are awesome too. Good J post indeed, thanks for sharing.

  13. Ah good idea. If you'd go walking around places I've been, I can pretty much guarantee you'd find money. Frank and I tend to do the opposite.. sort of. There are a few places we have been known to leave coins.. just for fun.. or as an offering of sorts. One spot in the cedar grove near his place.. we leave a dime from him, a nickel from me and a peanut for squirrels. Often one coin or the other goes missing and we'll find it eventually in the grass below.. or not. If not, we'll replace it with another. The peanut always disappears. ;)



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