Sunday, February 9, 2014

FMTSO: Entrances

I know this is a late entry but I wanted to participate even after my frustration with Blogger and Chrome the past couple of days. So, here is my late entry of entrances in my town.  These are all from my archived photos, 2009 or 2010.  It was the best I could do this week. Hopefully, I will get some fresh photos very soon.

This entrance is padlocked to keep the animals in and the people out.
Entrance into Bonnie Springs Ghost Town in Las Vegas.
Entrance to the cemetery and the restaurant.
Not the greatest picture, but this is the entrance to the chapel at Bonnie Springs.
The door to one of the shops at Bonnie Springs.
That's it for this week. 


  1. Most of the spotlighters don't complete our selections until early Monday morning or late Sunday night. So Don't worry about being a little late. I love the entrance to the chapel.

  2. It's like you live in the Old West!!! You always have the most unique pictures and I probably wouldn't even have notice the entrances, it's just a way in to the more fun stuff...but it was fun just seeing your pictures of entrances!

  3. Ghost towns are so cool! I like the shop door pic.

  4. Lovin' those reward signs in the window.

  5. Love the different view from your town, so beautiful. Totally so opposite from my little urban island.

  6. I had a zillion entrances but missed the call. Besides, I have not figured out the new format for posting. Duh! Love your choices, especially the next to last where you captured the shadow. Save that one a future "shadow" theme.

  7. JarieLyn, I just popped back to check that the comment I left yesterday worked as I didn't appear to. It didn't. Better luck this time, I hope. I love the keep some in, keep some out shot. Or is it a special entrance for a hand?



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