Friday, January 10, 2014

FMTSO: Winter

This is the tree in my front yard which I took with my phone just five minutes ago, at 5:00 p.m.

The rest of the neighborhood pretty much looks the same.  My grass still has some green in it but it's pretty dry. Although the temperatures haven't dipped too low,  it is still a bit chilly.
It's cold enough at night that I want to make hot chocolate.

But I didn;t make this hot chocolate and I'm not the one drinking it.
This hot chocolate came from the Mt. Charleston Lodge.

Yep, when I want to see winter I just hop in my card and drive to Mt. Charleston.
Here are some of the shots from my last trip in December.

This is the Mt. Charleston Resort which is different than Mt. Charleston Lodge.
The lodge is just up the road a few more miles.

Icicles hanging from the balcony of somebody's home.

The Lodge, too icy to sit outside and enjoy the view.

Someone's cottage near the lodge.

I just love driving through the snow.
I wish I had more pictures to show you all but this is pretty much it.

Tonight is the first meeting of the year for my camera club.
We are having a presentation by professional photographer, Royce Bair who will be discussing night photography.  I expect it to be a really good presentation and a great night.

To see other town's winter click here for the Friday My Town Shoot Out.

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Some lovely wintery scenes. I wouldn't mind that hot chocolate!

  2. I'm happy to leave the snow in the mountains in the winter. We lived in Toronto and Minnesota for about 12 years. That was all the snow I want to experience.

  3. JarieLyn so glad to see your work on here again. Great shots. The photos say it all. Love the icicle shot.

  4. You sure got yourself some nice winter shots there. I love the hot chocolate one the best, I think, lol. Let me know what you think of your Camera Club's guest speaker. Did you learn anything?

  5. I have been looking for a camera club too. I have found plenty but one was about babies, so it was all young mothers and play dates.... one was about editing and I want to take better photos first..... a couple were too far to drive - yes all houston but the north side is 65 miles from this side....
    yes, good to see you post. and what did you learn about night photography.... maybe I can learn second hand. hugs, ginger

  6. That hot chocolate looks luscious, although I would probably feel sick if I drank it. Those icicles are pretty amazing too. We just had a big melt yesterday so most of our ice and snow is gone for now.

  7. wow what a beautiful place. And that hot does that look good! I like the images in the post above about red rocks as well. Very pretty place.

  8. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Love the tree. The mountains are lovely, and that cup of coffee sure does warm me. I think I will crank up the coffee pot. I would run to Starbucks but we can't get down the mountain.



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