Saturday, February 1, 2014

FMTSO: Leading Lines

All of the following photos were taken while on vacation. Some are in Nevada, some are in Oregon and some are in California. I hope you enjoy where the lines take you.

A place to rest in Jacksonville, Oregon.

Hay for the animals in Lakeview, Oregon.

A shoe tree in the middle of nowhere.

Signs to my nephew's wedding in Yoncala, Oregon.

San Jose, California.  The front yard of Winchester Mystery Mansion.

Melons at a farmers market in Oregon.

Tehachapi, California. I snapped this shot from the passenger side window while driving down the freeway.

Somewhere near Drain, Oregon.

Another covered bridge, also near Drain, Oregon.

A swing ride in Sonoma, California.

A church in Virginia City, Nevada.

A train ride in Sonoma, California.

I hope you enjoyed a bit of my vacation with me.

There are more terrific pictures of leading lines over here.


  1. brilliant lines. I just love the circular hay bales.!

  2. these are all spectacular and i can't pick a favorite. i would love for someone to lead me to those chairs... the shoes and the two bridges are AMAZING

  3. I love the different interpretations of the theme for this week, the most favorite is the second picture. That's something you can never find in Asia!

  4. You have shown a terrific variety of leading lines. I love the hay bales, I love the smell associated with them. I always make myself pick a favourite, force myself to think about what I'm looking at. Finally decided on the wedding sign. Practical, strong lines with a definite purpose!

  5. Wonderful reps of the theme. Love the shoe tree.

  6. All great contributions to the theme of leading lines. I like the red chairs because of the intensity of the red. The covered bridge is fantastic too.

  7. there is bound to be a favorite here for everyone, brilliant photos. The first appeals to my sense of color. the Red chairs are just great. and for energy and fun.... the swings. yes, that is my fav.

  8. I love the hay. And the railroad photo almost looks like a model railroad.

  9. Leading lines are so much fun. Your captures are fantastic.

  10. Great photos! I have the same picture you have of Tehachapi's train! My brother told me once that the reason there is a dark dirty spot above each entrance into the tunnel is because the Hobos would sit on the top of the train car and they didn't know the tunnel was coming up in the dark and they would hit it with their heads and that the stain was years and years of dried blood. I'm pretty sure he was just trying to scare me!

  11. Wow! You went all out on this one. The first two are winners! They are all super. Keep up the good work!

  12. PS: wish I had one of those watermelons right now.



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