Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Mother's Children

I've had a lot of things going on lately. Stealing a line from the movie, Friends With Benefits, "Magnum P.I. Couldn't Solve All The Shit Going On Inside My Head" The only thing that's kept me from dwelling in the dark cave for too long is visit from family. First, my mother-in-law was here at our house for about ten days and then just a couple of days later, my sister stayed at our house for two days, while the rest of my family including my parents and my two brothers stayed elsewhere in town over this past weekend. Thank Goodness I had all this chaos to distract me. So, although this Friday's My Town Shoot Out Theme is Children, I have a little different perspective. There are no children in my life, at least none that are close enough physically to take pictures of  and none that are really small. I thought I would showcase myself and my siblings since this past weekend was all about my mother wanting to make memories with all of her children together at the same time. I know it's really kind of going outside the theme a little bit but we are still my mother's children in her eyes, even though we are fully grown.  Enjoy the photos of our silliness.

My youngest brother, Joey, his girlfried Sarah, and my sister, Cheryl.
This is Saturday night at Outback Restaurant.
Our last night together with the whole family.

Joe (my stepdad)

My husband, Justin.


My sister, Cheryl.

 My oldest brother, Bobby (Robert, Bob)

My youngest brother, Joey (Joe)

Sarah, my brother Joey's girlfriend hid behind the menu right when I snapped the photo.
She is the one who inspired the above pictures.

My newphew, who is 16 decided to go back to the room and relax while we all chowed down at Outback. You know how teenagers are. They'd rather be doing their own thing.

Here's my 16 year old nephew, Forrest with his dad and my brother, Bobby.
That kid always makes the oddest expressions when getting his picture taken.
It doesn't do him justice.
This was Friday night at a mexican food restaurant.

Bobby and Cheryl. My bro and sis.

Bobby and me.

Joey and Sarah.

Me and Justin.

Cheryl and Me.  We love each other.

Justin and Cheryl.

In the lobby of Outback. My sister's foot.

Joey and Sarah.

my dad and mom.


I am the oldest.  13 years older than my youngest brother.
My husband forgot to get in the picture.

So unfortunately, on Saturday my whole family, including my husband was out on the lake having fun without me. I wish I could have been out there too, but John Edward was in town and I purchased my ticket a month before I knew my family was coming. If the ticket had only been $20 or $40.00 I probably would have blown it off but I paid $200 for the ticket so I was gonna get my money's worth.

Here I am with John Edward. I got an autographed book as well.
His show was phenomenal and he is so funny and down to earth.
I enjoyed the show very much and made a couple of friends while in line for two hours.
But.............I still would have rather been out on the water improving upon my tan.

At Outback.

My parents at outback.

The only person missing from this shot is my nephew.

Me and Cheryl at the airport. Saying goodbye to my beautiful sister.

All of the above photos were taken last weekend.

Me and my brother last month in Bakersfield Ca. at Dewar's Candy Shop.

Me and Justin at Dewar's.

My oldest brother and my parents live in Bakersfield.

See that finger?  That's my sister-in-law's signature pose in photos.
It's hard to find a photo of her when she isn't flipping the bird.
Would you like to put a face to that picture?


I know you are curious. 


Yep, that's Tabbitha, my brother's wife.
She loves to flip the bird.
She's a lot of fun.

So jumping back into July.....................

My mohter-in-law was here for just over ten days.
I think the most fun she had was when I took her to the lake.
We went a couple of times and had I known that she would enjoy my favorite activity,
I would have taken her out there much sooner.
Hindsight is 20/20.

Here I am documenting myself at the lake. 
See that figure in the backround?
That's my mother-in-law lounging on her chair in the water.
We both got a little sunburned on this day but it was so relaxing.
I love the water and being out in the sunshine.

One of my favorite pictures of my furbaby. I'm not sure when this picture was taken but I think it was around 2005or 2006.
She went to heaven in June 2012.

Tabbith and Me. 2004
Man, I was skinny here.


Kid Photo Shoot 2010

I know I've gone on and on.
I totaly forgot about the kid photo shoot until after I already posted my other pics.

Please enjoy this week's theme by clicking here. You will be able to see a lot more photos that will brighten your day.


  1. Besides all of those awesome kid pics at the end, it was so fun to meet your family! Quite a bunch of characters there.

    JarieLyn, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved dog. I know this is a terrible heartache. I hope you're doing ok.

  2. I enjoyed your interpretation of your family and siblings. The photos of the kids are great. I have no little ones in my life anymore. Mine are all teens and tweens. blessings

  3. It's great to see a family that seems to get along so well! :)

  4. I did not realize you had lost your dog. That is a big empty time for you I am sure. Love the photos!!

  5. Great to see photos of your family! I don't have any children in my life either so I would be hard pressed to do kid photos.

  6. Great photos and, so far as I am concerned, totally within the the theme. We are all someone's children and I know frome xperience that no matter how old they get they remain 'the children'.

    I was sorry to hear your dog died. Pets can get as close as family after a while so you must miss your 'furbaby'.

    P.S. I've tried to e-mail you a couple of times but your e-mail in the sidebar is out-of-date. If you fancy communicating - it's about 'real' mail - my e-mail address is scriptorsenex at gmail dot com.

  7. I definitely like the children's photos.

  8. JarieLyn, I found myself talking to the monitor saying what about the kids photo shoot!! I'm glad you remembered them in time, they are wonderful. But I enjoyed seeing you and your family having fun being together. So sorry about your beloved Sasha.

  9. your take and mine are basically the same, your photos though are much MUCH better. I love the children at the end, you do good work.

  10. Those are such great photos. It's easy to see that you all are a very close family. So you are two boys and two girls? So are my brothers and sister.



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