Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cut and color

I always feel better after a visit to the hair Salon.


  1. Don't ya though? Looks fabulous dahling!

  2. U are the first person I told this to. When I went abroad, I took my old wallet with my credit card and drivers license.
    When I came back, I was too lazy to look for my normal bg, any way, I thought, I only go to work in school.
    I decided my hair is too unruly, went to cut my hair. Not a penny to my name, and no cash card. Luckilythe hairdresser says, never mind, we know each other so well, you bring the money next time it is convenient.

  3. I just went yesterday and I agree...it makes you feel great. Thanks for stopping by my place and saying hello!!

  4. I love it! But then any hair style looks good on you!



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