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FMTSO: The Work You Do

I just love the Friday My Town Shoot Out themes. It keeps me on my toes and makes me think.
This week's theme is all about the work you do. Most people probably associate this subject with getting paid to do something. I haven't worked a real job or business since 2009 so that means I haven't been paid real money in over three years. I do however make an occasional buck or two by doing side photography jobs, however I do lots of work for free because it is neccesary to run my household, etc.  I also hold the position of Secretary for Nevada Camera Club and it is my duty to attend the monthly executive board meetings and take the minutes. And yes, it is real work. I am a procrastinator so I usually don 't get them typed up for review until the day before the next month's meeting. It's a love hate thing. I like being on the board but I also hate that some board members will pick apart what I have transcribed. It's a lot of work to keep my mouth shut and be polite at the meetings. We have a very serious club and sometimes things get a little heated. Anyhow, here is a copy of last months executive board meeting minutes.

Nevada Camera Club Executive Board Meeting Minutes July 10, 2012

Present:  President & Immediate Past President, Paul Sobel; Secretary & Public Relations, JarieLyn Robbins; Treasurer & Advertising, Mary Sheets;  Beginners Photography (SIG), Julie Chadburn; Club Apparel, Kitty Heckendorf; Community Liaison, Deyanira Flores; Competitions (Special), Willie Matos; Competitions (Monthly), Gayla Malcolm;  House, Valerie Christiansen; Membership, Susan Bouet;  Programs, Allan Duff; PSA Liaison & Web Site & Past Presidents’ Advisory Council, Dennis Gershick; Sports & Action (SIG), Matt Rinaldi.

Meeting called to order at 7:04 p.m. by President, Paul Sobel. It was noted that a quorum was present. Agenda adopted.

The June minutes were reviewed. A motion to approve minutes as amended was made by Deyanira Flores and seconded by Mary Sheets. Motion passed.

The May & June Treasurer’s report was reviewed. A motion to accept treasurer’s reports as presented was made by Kitty Heckendorf and seconded by Julie Chadburn.

Old Business: Sunrise Hospital Electronic Display is up and running except earlier tonight the TV was turned off. Discussion as to why the TV was off. Need to contact Diane and ask her what we can do to keep it running.

Sunrise Donation: The hospital confirmed that they want the donation from NCC to be in the form of Walmart gift cards.

Henderson Library -  photo class to be held on Thursday at Malcolm Library in Green Valley. This is the last of the night photography presentation for the Henderson Library.

Amendment to Constitution and By-Laws- on hold until next meeting.

27 of 27’s Award- reviewed merit changes and monthly rules changes. Still waiting for Anne Carter’s input.

Projector: Discussion to be reserved outside of E-Board between Dennis Gershick and Allan Duff.

New Business: Incentive to have members go electronic for newsletter- Susan Bouet will call new members who have joined within the last two years & try to urge them to go electronic.

Vendor Letter: Deyanira Flores inquiring as to legal wording for soliciting advertising gifts for the annual awards banquet.  Also, she would like to send a certificate or plaque to regular vendors who donate each year to show our appreciation for their generosity.

Electronic Screen Presentation- The E-Board discussed color imbalance. It was suggested that Dennis Gershick prepare notes so membership knows how to enter electronic images with proper color.  Paul Sobel agreed that he would learn more and write a guide or outline for the other members.

Membership: Susan Bouet notified the E-Board that there are 244 active members; 4 juniors, 121 beginners, 61 intermediates and 47 advanced.

Membership Cards: Dennis Gershick suggested re-design of the cards. Ideally, he would like to create a barcode so we can scan entries with the membership card. The cost for a four color design is approximately $1.00 each.  Deyanira Flores suggested turning the re-design into a graphic design contest

Mary Sheets discussed updating the accounting system.

Membership Committee: The function of this committee is to welcome people who come in. Dennis Gershick suggested signing in guests and giving them a name badge to wear during the July workshop. Kitty Heckendorf urged the E-Board to reimburse Dennis for the cost of the badge & clips that he already purchased.  Allan Duff will arrive at 5:30 to begin setting up the stations for the workshop.

Survey: Allan Duff went over the results of the survey that were submitted at a previous program meeting.  Some of the photographers that were enjoyed by the survey takers were  Robert O’Toole, Tyler Stableford, Hal Schmidt, Ben Wilmore and George Lepp.  The members would like to learn more about wildlife, landscape, travel, photoshop and lightroom.

Next year’s programs are already filled through August of next year.  Some suggestions for future program speakers include, Jerry Metellis, Lance Cheung, Sue Altenberg and Connie Palin.

Barbara Dupont won the best of show in the annual electronic competition. The NCC needs to make out a check in her name for $100.00.

Dennis Gershick brought up the domain registration. On average, the cost is $10.00 per domain name. Our domain is up for renewal on July 25th. Instead of renewing for 2 yrs., Dennis wants to renew for 9 years for a total of $69.12.  Cindy Wilson made motion to approve renewal and it was seconded by Kitty Heckendorf. Motion passed.

Field Trips: Cindy Wilson discussed the turnout for the field trip at Smith Center. There were about 26 people who attended. She said there were about 8 to 10 people who showed up for the fireworks in Boulder City.  She is postponing the July 21st field trip for a more convenient date.

Allan Duff recommended Sun Belt Auto Collection as a future field trip.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Submitted by JarieLyn Robbins

It's kind of a boring job, but someone's got to do it and I do enjoy sitting on the board.

Last weekend I got paid to photograph a wedding. It was a really hot day and the wedding took place out on a golf course and everyone in the wedding party was melting. After the ceremony the wind picked up and a storm was rolling in which made for some dramatic photos. Take a look at some of my wedding pics from last week. Hope you enjoy.

I still have a lot of editing to do but the above photos are just a sampling of my work from last weekend.

To visit more photos of work that you do please visit FMTSO home page.


  1. A very nice line of work there. Weddings are so full of great shots. All the happy faces make it such a joyous occasion.

  2. You're a great wedding photographer JarieLyn!

  3. Glad I dropped by the FSO blog and found that you posted this week. I tried to read your minutes I really did but.....I would like to be the club treasure - all club jobs are thankless ...... I loved the photos. Great colors - I know your edited versions will be superior - I will try one more time to get this)(;:)(;:(;("$). Security letters right!

  4. Very nice! Great wedding photos. I always thought it would be fun to photograph a wedding.



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