Saturday, February 19, 2011

From Rags To Riches......

Here's Justin hauling our carpet outside to take to the dump.
 I was too embarrassed to show how bad the carpet was.
And look how dirty our walls are.  It's shameful.

We lived with just the cement floor for about two months.
But even that was better than the carpet that was in the house.

Yay, the contractors finally started work on our project.
They remodeled the counter top by shortening it and narrowing it.
It used to be an entertainment center where our TV was. 
We never liked it to begin with and we thought about removing the whole thing to open everything up
but we didn't really want to lose the counter space.

View from the kitchen to our tiny living room.

Sasha checking out goods.  What a mess!

Now, I just need to clean the floor.
I am so happy with the color I chose and very glad that we decided to downsize that counter.
Little by little it's coming along.
It opened up the space quite a bit and everything seems so much cleaner and brighter.

Next time I post pictures about my house it will be with new furniture and a clean floor.
I want all leather furniture and a nice coffee table.
Still looking for something to jump out at me.


  1. We are remodeling too! I love your floor!
    What is it? Where did you get it? Do you mind me asking? That is exactly what I want!

  2. you have been busy! love the look of the new floor. kids and animals sort of ruin carpets and wall for some reason.

  3. i love remodeling !!
    this is looking fantastic !!

  4. Love the floor! Can't wait to see the room all decorated.

  5. Home improvements are exciting! The floor looks great!



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