Sunday, February 27, 2011

Photogrraphic Adventures & Other Stuff

First, I was looking forward to participating in the FMTSO theme, Shoot From The Hip but I was so busy this week that I just completely forgot. I will be looking and commenting on everyone's blogs within the next two days or so.  Second, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Personally, I am the happiest I've been in a very long time and I anticipate that things can only get better.  I feel an abundance of love and passion and maybe, just maybe my inspiration is coming back.  I welcome the changes that are taking place in my life and I hope and I pray for the best possible outcome for all who are connected to me.

Thursday was a very busy day but fun too. Not only do I belong to the Nevada Camera Club, but I also belong to another group called Photographic Adventures. The guys that run this group are also members of the NCC and they provide lots of opportunities for fellow photographers, beginner and pro.  They enlisted Gayla and I to help out at an all day event that they were putting on at Techatticup Junction which is a small little ghost town.  The workshop cost $99.00 to attend all day or $50.00 for each workshop.  I got to wear a staff badge and I received the shirt above for helping out.  The event consisted of Lens Baby Representative giving a seminar on the Lens Baby creative lenses and providing all attendees with the opportunity to use the different lenses for a couple of hours.  It was a blast because Gayla and I were allowed to participate in every single event.  I didn't really care for any of my lensbaby photos but I will post one for you to see.

This is with the lensbaby composer lens.  I never really figured out how to use the lens. The sharp point in this picture isn't where I thought my focal point was, but it was still fun.

The next part of the workshop was a model workshop.  We spent a few hours photographing models and learning lighting techniques, etc.  I still don't know what I'm doing but hey, it was a great learning experience and a wonderful opportunity.

During the first model shoot, I learned that one of my all time favorite bands was on location doing a photo shoot for their new album cover.  The band I'm talking about is JOURNEY.  Okay, it isn't the same without Steve Perry but I was still very excited.  I sneaked up the hill and snapped a shot really fast.  I was able to take two picures but neither one of them are great but at least I captured them through my lens.

My first shot of the band. 

My second shot.  Very bad. I was like a little school girl all giddy.

This was the second model.  Her outfit reminded me of Lucille Ball.  Very cute.

This is the first model in a different outfit and different setting.  I actually liked her the best.

I took hundreds of photos but of course, I can't show them all to you.

The event went late into the night also.  That was my favorite part of the program, except that it was so cold and I didn't have a heavy coat and I was miserable but I hung in there.

We had a fire dancer. This girl is part of cirque du solei.
I was mesmerized by her.  Very fascinating to watch. 

Double O's

Painting with light.

We've got a real artist in our group.  LOL

This one looks kind of trippy.

More painting with light.

I think that painted figure is either Gayla or Linda.
We had a blast even though I froze my ass off but hey, if the models can do it so can I.

I have been very busy with camera stuff, business stuff and other stuff.

All I can say is that right now this moment I am very very happy.
I can't even describe how I feel inside because there are no words.
It's just a very good feeling.


I want to jump and shout and let the world know how happy I am.


  1. Yay! I'm so happy that you're happy! I love the photos, looks like such a fun day. I can't believe you were sneaky enough to get those photos of Journey. The second was is pretty good. These are all fabulous photos. Definitely you're getting your inspiration back! Good girl!

  2. Girl!!! What a wonderful opportuinty! I am so jealous! But really happy for you. You needed this joy! so the sky's the limit, go get'em! BTW, great pictures!

  3. You are really learning so much. I am envious!

  4. What a great event I so enjoyed being there with you. You took great Pictures!

  5. I am glad to hear you are getting your mojo back. Maybe a little break was what you needed.

  6. your pictures are awesome! sounds like so much fun. I don't know if they do anything like that where I live. I need to get involved in something like that.

    glad you feel all giddy inside. it is a grand feeling.

  7. Good shots, must have been an amazing day.

  8. You are having so much fun! Love the model shots.

  9. Hey I was there too! fun shoot. You wouldn't happen to have the models names would you?



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