Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random post

 A Very Brady Sequel is playing on theTV right now.  I just had to stop and share this with my readers because it evokes such wonderful feelings inside of me.  Growing up, my sister and I absolutely loved the Brady Bunch.  We knew the theme song by heart and practically knew line by line every word in every episode.  Yes, we loved the Brady Bunch and we wanted to go on their adventures with them.  Oh what fun they always had. 

Fast forward to 1995, the year The Brady Bunch Movie was out in theatres.  This is the movie preceding A Very Brady Sequel.  My youngest brother, who is thirteen years younger than I, went with me to see the first movie.  He's a fan too.  He and I laughed so hard during the movie, that we sculpted our abs into six packs.  Well, not really, but we laughed so hard it felt like a good work-out.   No one else in the audience was laughing at all.  They didn't get it.  We wondered if they weren't laughing because they weren't familiar with the original Brady Bunch series and didn't know the parts that were being spoofed or if they just didn't find it funny.  Whatever the case, my brother and I had a wonderful time, one of the few times we've spent doing something together. 

So, the movie playing in the background brought back a great memory of my brother and I just wanted to share that.  He's having a rough time these days and I needed to remember our moment of laughter.


  1. Such a fine memory.. that gift of laughter. I wish your brother well.

  2. I think it's a beautiful memory. Isn't it wonderful when something brings them back to us? I used to love the Brady Bunch too and I have two brothers and I don't believe I have ever been to a movie with either one of them. You're very lucky and I hope that whatever he's going through right now becomes easier for him very soon. I also pray for your sister often.

  3. That sounds like a great memory. I loved to watch the Brady Bunch too. I does bring back good memories.



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