Thursday, November 11, 2010

Doggie models

Last night my camera club set up a pet photo shoot.

The doggies were so cute and excited and loved all the attention.

Some had less attention span than others but it was great fun and the dogs were really sweet.

Meet Ed and Skyler.

Ed is in charge of all of our field trips and he has done a fantastic job choosing subjects and locations.

Skyler was such a sweet girl, gentle and loving and very good.

Skyler has a best friend named Kayla.
They live together in harmony.
In fact, I was told that Kayla thinks she's a dog and attacks other cats.

This is cocoa and her owner.
Cocoa was a little excited the whole night and her attention span was very minute.
But she was a sweet girl too.

Cocoa ready to get out of the spotlight.

This is Kim and Luna.
Luna has been on many of our field trips.
She's a very smart dog and well behaved.
She was very focused on her mama the whole night.

Luna in an upright pose.

Luna is a cool cat.  I mean she's a cool dog.

This is JJ.  The only male dog at the photo shoot.
Some would say he's a lucky dog.

JJ likes sporting different looks.
He was such a cutie.  I think I fell in love.

I thought about bringing Sasha to the photo shoot but I didn't want the hassle of dealing with it.
It's so much harder now that she's lost her hearing. 
She's  a good girl though and now I wish I would have brought her.

Yeah, Sasha would have enjoyed mingling with all the other dogs.


She would have been after that cat.


  1. Oh what fun! I'll bet you had a blast. The photos turned out great!

  2. hey girl. your pet shots are amazing. I would give anything short of my first born to take a course (or is it a club) like you are doing, your photos are getting better and better.

  3. This is a great post very well done!

  4. When did Sasha begin losing her hearing? Is it because she is a white dog (they have a much higher chance of this) or is it that she is getting old?

    I think your shot of Luna and her mama is outstanding.



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