Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Forgotten Order

Today I retrieved a nice little package from my mailbox. 

I had forgotten all about ordering this item.
Nonetheless, I was thrilled to have a package to open.
It's so much fun to view the contents inside and see the opportunity for growth.
I'm not sure how I found this item but I do recall getting side tracked and landing on their website.
I liked what I saw and decided I needed some reinforcement to help with my vibrational intentions.

I can't wait to begin listening to the CD's and conducting the exercises in the workbook.
I know.....I'm a freak. 
I can't help that I enjoy getting assignments to complete.
I like homework.
I like learning and growing.
And right now, I need to inject some spiritual serum into my soul.


  1. I love getting packages too! There are some really great blogs out there about spirituality. If you are interested, I'd be happy to give you the links.

  2. Cool! I love packages in the mail and especially when they are a surprise! Smiles!

  3. I love forgetting about an order...cause the surprise is so much fun!



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