Friday, November 5, 2010

FMTSO: The Letter N

My first thought for this week's theme was naughty and nice. 
But the naughty images going through my head are probably a little racy for the FTSO blog.
So instead,
you will be seeing images of Night shots in New Mexico taken with my Nikon and other things that begin with the letter N.

My trusty Nikon.  Well actually, this is Justin's trusty Nikon.
I took the photo with my Nikon though, which is pretty much the same except for the lens.

Almost every night that we were on vacation we picked out a location to shoot the moon and the stars.
This was our first night in Santa Fe and we drove north about twenty or thirty miles and found this dirt road off the highway.  Most of my shots did not include the road or our truck, however, I really liked this shot and I converted this photo into a post card the next day and sent it out to several people.

The next day, we spotted this camel shaped rock on our way to Bandelier National Monument.
We took mental note of its location as a possible night shoot.
Obvisously, we found our way back to this rock where we practiced taking night shots.
This was a difficult place to shoot because there was a casino nearby and the lighting was almost too much.
Also, we were getting lots of light from the freeway.

This is what the area at Camel Rock looks like when you turn around.
Those streaks are traffic trails from the freeway.
The moon was really bright and I haven't quite mastered the art of taking its photo.

On our way back from Camel Rock we stopped at the Veteran's Cemetary in New Mexico and took several shots.  They had the cemetary locked to cars but we found a way to get past the gate.
This was the best angle I could get and you can see the moon peeping through the trees.

On our way home we passed some ruins in Arizona.  We kept on driving and got a room in Flagstaff and after settling in and eating dinner we drove back to the ruins which was about 33 miles east of Flagstaff.
We stayed out there for a couple of hours and then we even drove back the next day to see what we couldn't see in the pitch black of night.

More ruins east of Flagstaff.

This is the picnic area of Canyon Lake just east of Mesa, Arizona.
The lights were a golden yellow, therefore the entire foreground of the grass and trees were painted with light.

So now that you've seen a sampling of my NIGHT images,

I'll go ahead and post a few items I found around the house that start with the letter N.

A box of old nails laying around in the garage.

Nail polish.  These are the latest colors I fancy.

 This is my sewing machine and you can tell by looking at the layers of dust that it's been awhile since I've actually used it. 

Nickels to add to my collection of saved coins. 
I rarely use my change. 
 I like it to pile up and then count it out and put it in the bank for bigger and better things.

Nuts.   Hubby likes to snack on these at work. 
I make sure I keep the cubbard well stocked for his lunch box.

Nose.  I bet I've placed over a million kisses on that nose over the years.
Isn't she cute?

My town mr linky dot blog spot dot com is where you need to re-route to see some more letter N photos.


  1. your night shots are really REALLY good. I like the first with the light reflecting off the truck to the side. Is it my imagination or are you improving your photography in leaps and bounds?

  2. Your night shots are just wonderful. Very impressive JL!

  3. I like your night shots. Those ruins out of Flagstaff are cool. Id'd like to see them in person.

  4. impressive JarieLyn! love the twinkling stars in the images. and your puppy is very cute.

  5. A great selection, JarieLyn. I think the highlights are your night scenes, especially the first one. Your photos are always a delight!

  6. You have taken beautiful shots of those fantastically clear skies that you get in the southwest; I just love how the stars are like pinpricks of light in that dark sky. The pueblo ruins are kind of scary.

  7. Your night shots are simply impressive! I just can't decide which one is the best, as each shot makes my jaw drop!

  8. I love your night shots. It would be great if you shared some tips on how you do it! I love that you capture the stars in the night sky along with your subjects.



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