Tuesday, October 19, 2010

There are monsters in my backyard

My camera club has an annual Halloween print competition.
So I got this bright idea that I would get some scary costumes,
go up to Mt. Charleston and take photos of us between the trees at night.
That didn't work out because it rained.
Instead of going up the mountain and into the woods, my backyard became my photo studio.
Justin dressed up as a zombie,
and I dressed up as a scary gothic vampire widow with blood running down the sides of my mouth.
I even got Gayla involved.
She came over dressed up as a witch but she wasn't scary enough.
She was a good smiling witch.

I didn't really like any of the photos. 
They were not competition quality at all.

So a little while ago I changed the image to what you see above.
It's way better than what I had but still not worthy of being entered into a contest.

I am happy to say that I worked on another photo and it looks fantastically spooky and competition worthy.
But it didn't come from this photo shoot.
I'll post the photo after the competition.
It seems I wasted money on costumes, at least this year.
On the brighter side, now I have some halloween props for next year.

I'm kind of quirky when it comes to competition.
I don't like posting my entries on my blog or on facebook prior to competition.
I get really superstitious and self-conscious.

But I will share after the fact.

Competition is this coming Friday.

Wish me luck on all my photo entries.

Thank you kindly.


  1. Oh fun. You did a good job of giving it that eerie appearance.

  2. Can't wait to see! I know it will be great. Good Luck JarieLyn!

  3. I think your superstition is just fine. No tweaking with the fates. Looking forward to seeing it. I just submitted a few photos to a local magazine for their calendar...but not holding my breath.

  4. Oh man! That IS a scary phhphh-oto! Seriously. I'm outta here!

  5. The best of luck JL! I know you will do great and I can wait to see the results!

  6. Sorry things didn't work out just as you wanted but I know you learned things form the experience.
    I understand about the competion and posting after the fact is the only way to go :)
    Good Luck!

  7. definitly not a waste. cause the photo you did enter was great and I am sure you learned from this one and I can imagine all the laughter that happened while you all were dressed up and hamming it for the camera.



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