Thursday, October 7, 2010

FMTSO: Water,Glass, Shiny Objects, Reflections,....

It's that time again.  Time for the Friday My Town Shoot Out.
This week's theme comes from town blogger.
If you're new here, check out the link to find out more about this group.

Yesterday I got word that one of the photography instructors from College Of Southern Nevada
was having class down on Fremont Street.
After some thought, I decided to go down there, introduce myself to the instructor and participate along side the other students.  After all, it was a public place.
The instructor was nice and she didn't seem to mind that I invited myself along.

So while I was there I snapped a couple of pictures for FMTSO theme. 
All of my other photos for this theme were taken on my vacation last week.

Here I am taking a photo.  You can see the Fremont Street Experience in the background.
No offense to anyone out there, but my legs look dwarfed.

Looking through the window of a souveneir shop also shows the reflection of the tourists on Fremont Street.

Reflection of me and my husband's aunt in the headlight of an old fire truck.
This photo was taken at the ghost town in Arizona which I posted about a couple of days ago.

While on vacation in Santa Fe, New Mexico my husband and I took a cooking class.
We had so much fun.  We learned how to make green chile and red chile.
I would love to do that again.
Anyhow, if you click on the photo you can see that I took a picture of the mirror above to capture more of the class.  You can see me in the very top left hand corner taking the picture.

This is a reflection of the mountains and a one lane bridge at Canyon Lake in Arizona.

The same bridge at night.

And yet again, with a slightly different angle and longer shutter.

Here is another reflection of Canyon Lake looking the opposite direction of the bridge.

And last but not least, this one from the archives and one I believe I've posted before.
This is Gayla, distorted looking through the wine glass.

If you would like to see more photos of participants from this group CLICK HERE.
You may also add yourself to the list if you'd like to join in on the fun.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I like the htree photos of the bridge, esp the night ones.

    Glad you survived te mammogram. My girl friends used to laugh about how painful it is.

  2. I love the first shot,I can see so many reflections in it!

  3. canyon lake at night with the bridge (2nd one) and with the lights reflected are my favs. I like the lights the best I think. need to go back and see your other post with Arizona. tchau,

  4. The day and night shots of the bridge are great -- night shots are so difficult, I think.

  5. the old fire truck reflection. Very unique.

  6. Mt favorite is the one next to last. Love bridges. Some great photos here. The one through the glass is good too.

  7. This is a great post JarieLyn, I think it was great that you went down town to Heathers Feild trip. It took courage, I'm proud of you. Your trip to new Mexico sounded fun. I can hardly wait to try the chilli you learned to make. I love the reflections of the water. I remember that wine glass and the great wine in side.

  8. Oh oh oh oh wowo hon...what a cool shootout!! I loved the first one the best I think..but they were all amazing! Loved the one with the mirror on the top!! Wonderful shootout!!!

  9. Hey there!

    "but my legs look dwarfed." - haha, I don't know why I laughed at this. It just seems random LOL.

    I like the 'cooking class reflected in the mirror' photo! You took pictures of the food?

    The wine glass photo freaked me out!

    Nice post! :)

  10. That cooking class sounds like so much fun; I would love to do that. And your night shots are cool, especially the one with Canyon Lake all ablaze. Maybe my favorite shot here is of you in the rear view mirror of that old red truck.

    Now I'm going to go see if Gayla has a companion photo of YOU looking all wonky in the glass! :D

  11. Night shots are very difficult for me and I especially appreciate yours because they are so very well done. Very good shots -- all of them. Great job!

  12. Fabulous shoot-out, JarieLyn. I love the reflected cooking class, great photo and I bet it was loads of fun. I'm hopeless at night photos so really admire yours!

  13. Hey Write Chick! Thank you for the kind words! It's just that I have a little inferiority complex in me! I used to present more than ten photos in these FSOs!

    Again, thank you! :)

  14. Mountain on canyon Lake caught my attention most. i love nature and i love the shot as well. bridge reflections are great too.

  15. Love these! So like how I snap photos --I have photos taken through glasses including one of my brother and his just married to wife as they stood before the cake - took it through a champagne glass - :-)

  16. very nice collection of reflections JarieLyn. I love the yellow night shot. so serene and romantic.

  17. Interesting pics! I also would love to vacation and take a cooking class. I'm thinking (and dreaming) Italy!

  18. Great reflection photos JarieLyn! I especially love the one of the cooking class. What a great idea to take the picture through the mirror to expand the field of vision.

    I would love to take a cooking class myself.

  19. Great post! I love the Canyon Lake picture looking opposite the bridge. And the cooking class shot is just too cool :o)




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