Monday, October 4, 2010

The Joys Of Vacation

It doesn't take much to please me.  I enjoy the simpler things.  Who needs fine dining when you've got the Waffle House for breakfast?  I'm not a coffee drinker so I took a photo of Justin's coffee cup.

I love exploring new towns and discovering quaint little buildings along the way.
You can't tell from the photo, but the roo fabove is made from alumunum cans.

There are so many different things that catch my eye while travelling down the road.

For instance, this tiny little alter standing alone just off the highway near Miami, Arizona was intriguing.

And this rock sitting close to the altar.  I suppose their team can use all the prayers they can get.

While in Santa Fe, New Mexico we took a city bus tour that drove us past hundreds of art galleries.
Here, the bus let us off for about a ten minute break to use the restroom and for photo ops.

Rock Paper Scissors Sculpture.  I shot this as the bus drove on by.

I learned that Santa Fe, NM  is the number one art mecca in the United States with New York following behind in second place.  There's no way to see it all in just a few days. 

Our tour bus driver told us this guy on the bike rides all around Santa Fe.
His dog loves riding past all the tourists.

The miraculous staircase at Loretto Church is fascinating.
The craftsmanship is absolutely beautiful and elegant.
The inside of the church is really gorgeous too. 
So much architectural detail to be noticed and appreciated.

I like this picture of Justin.  It makes me smile.

Camel Rock just north of Santa Fe. 
Taken around 10:30 or 11:00 pm
Each day we drove around trying to scout out locations for night shoots.
Sometimes we would drive for another 30 to 40 minutes from the hotel just to get some night shots in.

Camel Rock was really close to the freeway and really close to a casino.
Ideally, pitch black night would make the best photos for the stars and the moon and foreground objects.
but I kind of like this one anyway.
I caught some motion blur in the speeding cars going down the highway.

Well, I have so many more photos to showcase from my vacation so I will do that tomorrow.
Don't worry, I won't show them all.  It would take me a year to upload them all and to post them, not to mention bore you to death.

I hope you have enjoyed some of the highlights so far.

: )


  1. Santa Fe is on my bucket list. We've planned visits several times, but they always seem to fall through. Maybe in the early spring when there is snow on the ground here.

    Your night shots turned out really well - mine never do. I'm doing something wrong..

  2. That first starry shot is amazing.

  3. GReat pictures. Funny I grew up in Arizona and some of the places you mention I never even heard of! I love the photo of the little altar.



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