Sunday, March 21, 2010

Las Vegas Wrangler's Hockey Game

Friday night I actually got myself out of the house.

I was lucky enough to get FREE tickets to the hockey game in town.

And I LOVE hockey.

There's always lots of action and excitement in addition to loud upbeat music.

I must have gotten really carried away and excited because I took 999 photos.

That is the most pictures I've ever taken at one event let alone in a full day.

You know how sensitive those hockey players can be, right?

You do one little thing wrong and a fight breaks out.

Normally, they just push and shove one another and tug on each other's clothes.

The crowd goes wild over this spurring more action.

That Ace is really trying to strip that Wrangler.

I wonder how far he'll go to expose his opponent?

Up oh!  It looks like he pulled the shirt right off of his back.

That Ace sure did make my Wrangler angry.

But the referees butted in before it got too out of hand.

And the game resumed.

The Las Vegas Wranglers lost by one point.

Can you believe it?

Those darned Alaska Aces kept my boys on their toes.

Oh, and you will never believe that I took these photos practically blind folded.

What, you don't believe me?

Well, I kid you not.

Okay, well I didn't have a blind fold over my eyes,

but I really couldn't see.

When we got to the arena I reached in my purse to get my glasses

and they were not there. Oh no, I left my glasses in my car and we rode with someone else.

I cannot see anything far away without my glasses on.

As far as the hockey game goes, I just followed the action and shot.

Oh, and I guess I am thankful that I had my 300 mm lens on my camera.

That helped me see a great deal.

I hope you all enjoyed my photos anyway.


  1. the fighting gives the game a bad name.The blade is like a knife. Once I saw a player with a cut neck.

  2. Great action shots. You must have had your camera on auto-focus because they're all perfectly sharp.. like a skate blade. ;)

  3. Pic #4 was my very favorite. Great shots. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  4. Poor To be blind. I know how you feel though. I've worn glasses all my life. This post reminds me of Condor games. I haven't been to one in years and I love them!

    Great pics by the way. Even though they are action shots they're very clear.

  5. I never understood all that fighting in hockey. I bet you're glad for auto focus, huh? Does you 300mm have image stabilization? I need a tripod to use mine.



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