Thursday, March 25, 2010


Welcome to My Town Friday Shoot Out.
This week's theme is all about bridges.
This is our first shoot out in black and white.

The picture above is a photo of the cover of my favorite book,
The Bridges Of Madison County.
I thought it deserved a starring role in this week's post
because I think it is one of the most beautiful love stories of all time.
And of course, the title fits the theme of our shoot out.

A bridge over imported water.
This is Town Square in Las Vegas

This bridge suspends above the Rogue River in Grants Pass, Oregon

Another bridge somewhere in Southern Oregon

This is a bridge that goes from one treehouse to another in Cave Junction, Oregon.

Vanderbilt University Bridge
Nashville, TN
My very favorite place to visit.  I love this town.

Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, TN
Another beautiful place to visit.

Nashville, TN

Cumberland River in Downtown Nashville, TN
It is a most awesome sight.

A decorative yard bridge in my neighborhood.

I not only love taking photos of bridges but I like what bridges represent.
I love all the metaphors and analogies of the word, bridge.

Let's bridge the gap of our friendship.
Don't burn too many bridges.
Now that's a bridge over troubled water.
We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
I'm building a bridge to your heart.
Go jump off a bridge.

Ah, there are so many.

To walk the bridges in blogosphere, click here and you will be in awe.

To my love:  If you build me a bridge, I'll cross it to be by your side.


  1. I like that elevated bridge from one tree-house to another, the view from there must be awesome!

  2. I loved the Bridges of Madison County as well. And the treehouse bridge! What fun.

  3. So glad someone featured The Bridges of Madison County! The tree house bridge is rather fascinating, but the night shot takes the cake! How beautiful.

  4. What fun posts these are! I really liked the tree house bridges. I'd really love to go for a walk up there. What a wonderful collection of photos.

  5. Pardon the pun, but I love the way you've connected the bits and pieces of your post. Great job! Have a great weekend, Elaine

  6. Great job. Loved the cute little neighborhood bridge. Most of mine pictures are on private property.

  7. Some people don't burn thier bridges as they go through life.They blow them up.

  8. I love NAshville too..lived near there for years when I was young!! Every one is beautiful hon...I love the one from Oregon!! Wow!! Great shoot out, Sarah

  9. It's super pretty your photos. Thanks for sharing and happy weekend!


  10. You're right; the metaphors associated with bridges are really good ones and I'm glad you listed some of them. I enjoyed your bridge study; you've proved that no matter where you go, bridges are built. (And it looks like a drive down to Cave Junction is in my plans now!)

  11. good photo missy - my fav the bridge to/from the tree house.... stuck my imagination

  12. Oh my gosh! This is a great post! Such a variety of bridges!!! I really enjoyed this!
    I may just have to go back and watch BofMC as well!

  13. Wonderful photos, JarieLyn. I love the bridge between the trees!

  14. love the treehouse bridge and your neighbors yard bridge. just the simple bridges are beautiful to me. love your metaphors also.

  15. Love these. There's something compelling about bridges, maybe the metaphor of connection.

  16. I just love that treehouse bridge!

  17. Turns out my family came from Ireland and made Maury County TN their home, so maybe they crossed a few of those bridges!

    Love the black and whites!



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