Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Town Shoot Out: Favorite Color

Doreen from Michigan chose this week's theme of favorite color. 
I have to admit that I've been thinking about it all week and it has challenged me.
If I hadn't given any thought to the subject I would have said that green is my favorite color.
But not just any green.  I like the entire array of greens in that color pallette.
But after thinking about this subject I concluded that
color is so personal that I can't limit it to just one favorite.
To me, color represents your personality, your mood, your emotions. 
It helps tell your life story, but only in part.
And since our mood and emotions are ever changing,
 so too, are the colors that blend with our personalities to tell our story.

Personally, I love all earth tones.  Those colors speak to me like no other.
They are warm and cozy and comfortable. 
They are natural and outdoorsy.
They are muted colors lilke browns, greens, beiges, grays.

Below is something I put together to show the different browns I like.

I love the browns in the heart necklace.

The greens......
All of my candles are green in color.

So, the earthy tones make me feel comfortable.

I really like blue a lot too. 
I like Saphhire because it is my birthstone and it is such a vibrant blue color.
Blue can make me feel very elegant, especially when I wear the necklace pictured below.

I like vibrant, sparkly blues like cobalt.

Black and white are considered hues rather than color but there is just something about those hues that I love. 
One is sophisticated and elegant and the other is fresh and refined. 
Put the two together and you get a timeless classic look.

I like so many colors.  My favorite color really depends on the mood I'm in.

If you take a look in my closet though,
you will find a lot of green and a lot of black.


  1. Whoo hoo I loved it..every shot!! Wonderful hon!!! Happy Friday!
    Hugs, Sarah

  2. love the reflections in the sunglasses! very creative! great shoot out!!

  3. I love the last shot! Can I use it for Muse Monday, my poetry I do?

    I also love browns, beige, and oranges!

    Love your post and photos!

  4. Great post. My favorite shot was the reflection in the sunglasses. Your favorite colors are very relaxing!

  5. I'm partial to green myself. I find myself drawn to it, yet I don't have too many clothes in that color. I do have one gorgeous emerald green jacket, which is what I wore for St. Patricks Day.

  6. Anything black and white and just like you Green is my favorite color! Great pictures!

  7. That looks like one interesting closet you have there!

    I think I enjoyed your composition in brown the best. You certainly made your point regarding the beauty of earth tones.

  8. Hi... Great blog you've got here, I'm glad I found it.
    I love the way you write, beautiful

  9. where is route 66, my husband was once given a route 66 T shirt.

  10. I like the color of salmon. It's the color that looks the best on me. Pinks and reds, oranges...

    But the colors in my house are burgundy, cream, and greens.

    Great shots!

  11. What I noticed more than the colors was you eye for texture. You also seem to like that.

  12. This was a hard one. I love color period, and would have had a difficult time with this one. Loved all your pics.

  13. This is a wonderful idea for a post. I have lots of green and black in my closet too. The sunglasses reflection is excellent!

  14. It's hard to choose just one color isn't it? You have some super cool pics here, and I'm glad somebody included brown.

  15. Good for you for picking more than one color. I like that you like blue too. :) Also, brown has been growing on me the past couple years. I even bought two brown purses. I think I was getting sick of wearing black. Although I like decorating with black.



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