Monday, April 23, 2012

Framing The Moon

Last night my husband and I took a drive out to Cold Creek where we met up with some friends.

This is what I caught on camera.

The moon was going down fast.

Prior to the moon disappearing behind the horizon, I framed it between some cactus.

Our objective was to get some star trails while out, but it was kind of cold.

And honestly, I just lost interest.

I was bored because there wasn't any interesting foreground really.

Oh well, at least I'm out there looking for the inspiration that I lost.


  1. It sure looks pretty in the embrace of those trees.

  2. pretty picture. love the combination of black and midnight blue and the framed moon. when i stare at sky views like this, it just feels magical. :)

  3. I love how you caught the moon!

  4. That's beautiful JarieLyn! Just keep searching for that inspiration and in the meantime keep sharing these lovely pictures cause they inspire me!

  5. Ooooh JarieLyn, this is lovely. I tried to get a shot of the "super moon" on Saturday but with very limited success.



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