Friday, April 20, 2012

FMTSO: Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is a compositional tool that places the subject of the photo in an area of intersecting lines created by dividing the photo in 3rds horizontally and vertically. If the subject is principally a line it should lie along the lines. If it is a spot (like a bird's eye) it should lie within one of the circles.

I apologize to those of you who have seen these images before on my facebook page. All of the following photos were taken within the last two weeks. 

This is a photo of a roadrunner latching on to a cigarette butt.
I took this at the Piute Indian Reservation Golf Club just on the outskirts of Las Vegas.
This was very hard to capture because the little bugger wouldn't stay still and he was fast as lightning.
Just a few minutes before, I was using my wide angle lens and there is no way that I would have gotten this shot with the wide angle. I captured this image using my 70-300 mm lens and I was zoomed in at about 210 mm.  Usually I don't like images of birds and I think they are boring, but I couldn't resist this one, simply because of the cigarette butt.

This was taken on the same day as the roadrunner photo. After leaving the golf club,
my friend and I decided to drive up to Mt. Charleston which is just a few minutes away.
It was snowing while we were driving up the road and on the way back down the mountain I spotted this fence with snow on top of it and I just had to stop and snap an image. I've always loved snow pictures.  I think this one turned out fairly decent.  I like it anyway.
This one was taken at approximately 12 mm.
Love the wide angle lens.

This photo was taken just a few days prior to the first two photos.
Technically, it's not in my town or even in my state, however,
it's something I shot while on a day trip with a few friends.
 It's just a couple of hours away from Las Vegas.
 A change of scenery is good for my soul when I get into a rut and feel restless.
I thought it was interesting to see bronze statues out in the middle of the desert.

Me and my shadow.
I took this photo on the same day trip as the previous photo.
There is a resevoir that a friend and I go to quite often in Utah.
Sometimes the water flows out onto the road and creates a little bit of a stream.
On this particular day, there was quite a bit of water and I just had to get out and experiment.
When I saw my shadow, I tried various poses to get the look I wanted.
I really like how it turned out.

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
You can view some awesome photo stories here on the Friday Town Shoot Out page and you can even join in on the fun if you'd like.  Everyone is welcome to participate.

Have a great weekend everyone.
It's going to be a hot one this weekend.
The weather caster is predicting 98 degrees here on Saturday.
I think this chick needs a tan pronto.


  1. Very dramatic shots, each of them stand alone, collectively...impressive

  2. Great photos! Especially the roadrunner - great capture! I know those little guys are fast because I have seen the one in the cartoons (haha!). But, seriously, you accomplished the Rule of Thirds challenge...the cig butt lines up in the right place. And, I think you got the lines right in your other shots as well! :)

  3. All of these are great photos...especially the shadow! I think the rule of thirds is great for guidelines, but like all rules it is meant to sometimes be broken.

  4. Really nice shots. I especially like the bronze statue surrounded by the red rocks.

  5. Awesome photos and like the last photo too! ^_^ Happy weekend!


  6. I've never seen a woodpecker before, and it's a beauty. And love your idea of playing with the shadow.

  7. Oh's hot already! I don't much like the heat so seeing the beautiful photos of the snow on the fence at least make me feel a little bit cooler. Great shots, you are such a good photographer!

  8. That roadrunner is awesome. Anything but boring!

    I like your shadow, too, and am trying to figure out how you held your camera to get it!

  9. Good to see you back, JarieLyn. Your photos are as great as ever. Love the first one!

  10. do you have trouble posting photos?

    someone has very long legs.

  11. excellent effort on many levels. I love your shadow shot, the essance of you - very nice. and the second runner-up is the snow and post shot. no maybe the bronze statue.... shoot I cant choose.... so I will go with my initial reaction.... the last is best.
    hugs from Nova Friburgo.

  12. Love the racing Indian...and also wondering how you managed to shoot your shadow while posing that way -- love the pose...did you shoot over your head?

  13. I love the roadrunner! I have one that hangs out in my yard and I can never get to my camera quick enough when I see him.



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