Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My day ahead in a nutshell


Lake Las Vegas, Oct. 2011

Hope everyone has a fantastic day.

I'll be taking my dog to the vet today. 
 I'm pretty sure she has a urinary tract infection which is becoming a regular thing for her.
I've already given her a bath today, making it the forth bath in a row.
I need to get her on antibiotics to clear up the infection.
It's exhausting me, and my poor baby is so depressed.

Later tonight I have a board meeting with the Nevada Camera Club.
I am the secretary of the club and so it is mandatory that I be there because I have to take the minutes.
I've actually enjoyed being on the board as secretary.
I also hold the position of public relations, but I haven't really lived up to my responsibility.
Hopefully, whomever they get next year will do a much better job than I have as public relations.

If I have enough time I'm going to go through some pictures and edit them.
It really is time consuming but once you get the right software it sure makes it a lot more fun.
I just got the Nik software a couple of weeks ago and wow, what a difference it makes in my pictures.
I don't even edit in photoshop anymore.
All I know is that my pictures are looking much better than they did before.
I would really like a new lens but I must put that on  my wish list for now.
First, I have to get a flash for my camera.

The vet awaits me, so that's all for today's post.

Thanks for stopping by.
I'll come and visit you all later.
I promise.

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