Thursday, November 3, 2011

Even Ugly Can Thrive


This tree stands alone in the desert of Colorado.
At first glance no one pays it much attention.
It's plain and not very attractive.
A longer look though, reveals something more profound.
This tree represents growth, strength and endurance.

It kind of reminds me that we are all like this tree.
Even in the harshest weather and the loneliest of times, we have the ability to thrive.
We think we need validation from others to feel worthy.
But if we look deep inside of ourselves, we already shine so bright.

Just like that tree, we are more than we think we are.


  1. Beautiful photo and sentiment. Each branch reminds me of a part of life that is past, this tree looks to be on the last branch of life.

    I love how the tree is backdropped so beautifully by the desert. (?) I think that is a desert, but we don't have deserts so I can't be sure!

  2. I don't see ugly in this tree at all. It's an absolute beauty to me. But trees always strike me that way.



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