Sunday, September 12, 2010

Special Delivery

The other day when I opened my mailbox, 
I was delighted to find an unexpected package sitting inside.

Hmpf!  Who could this be from?, I wondered.
I couldn't wait to get back to the house to open it and discover the contents of the gift.

I noticed the return address which revealed that the mailer of the package was my Mother-in-law.
She's on vacation right now in the midwest.

I cut the tape that held the box so tightly locked and I peered inside.
Oh, how wonderful, my eyes gleamed.

Inside was the perfect birthday gift for me.

I love to cook and I love using spices.
I was thrilled going through the box to discover several different varieties.

I really love this gift. 
It not only fits my personality,
 but I think it's wonderful because it came from someone else's vacation spot which means
that she was thinking about me even when she should have been thinking about herself and having fun.

What a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

It even came with these empty jars to transfer the spices into.

I think I'llgo  buy some filet mignon and tryout  the steak seasoning tonight.

Ah, it's wonderful getting snail mail.

I really hope that snail mail doesn't die out.


  1. I agree--there is just something so exciting about finding some good snail mail(a postcard, letter, or package)in the mail box! That is such a thoughtful gift from your MIL, too.
    Happy Birthday, it today or still coming up?

  2. Awesome! It's always so much fun to received surprises like this. You have a super mother in law!

  3. is she in madison ?
    we have that store right down the street from us :)

  4. I agree. I love getting gifts...haven't in quite a while but am still optimistic.

  5. I love Penzey's spices! A friend in Wisconsin gave me some 4 years ago and I have been using them ever since. They are wonderful! Enjoy. And Happy Birthday. :)

  6. What a wonderful excuse to buy filet mignon! Mmmmm. Nice surprise too. I am finding that I sometimes forget that I ordered something and when it comes it is a surprise from myself. I don't know if that is happy or sad!!!!

  7. What an awesome gift! I'd love that one too. Sweet MIL!

  8. What a fun gift! Your mother in law must be a sweetie. At first though, I saw the black circular shape in the box and thought it was a camera lens. ;)

    Happy Birthday, JarieLyn! :)

  9. I agree It's a great gift, I love spices. It was very thoughtful of her.



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