Friday, September 17, 2010

FMTSO: Flora, Fauna and/or Pets

Where the wild things grow......

Red Rock Canyon is an extremely popular area for hiking and biking.  Here, you will come across wild burro, cactus and other plant life that I have not identified as I am terrible at horticulture.  The following photos were taken in Red Rock a few months ago. 

The above picture was taken in a hilarious moment. 
A friend and I had just eaten at the restaurant located at Bonnie Springs in Red Rock Canyon and my friend had some potato wedges and something else to take home to her son.
We spotted a couple of wild burro near the road so we stopped to take some photos.
Well, the burro pictured above got a whiff of the food and hewalked over to our car and stuck his head through the car window. 
My friend was screaming because she was afraid of the burro.
I was laughing my ass off and told her to give him a treat.
So she gave it a potato wedge and the burro kept trying to get more. 
My friend ended up feeding the burro the entire contents of her "to go" box.
It really was a hysterical moment.

Above:  Sasha just after her bath on Wednesday.  Three months shy of fifteen years old.
She has some health problems but still gets around really well.

That's it for my flora and fauna.
To see more amazing photos click here.


  1. Awww love the burro story.. and of course the photos. That bird is a beauty.. and so is your lovely Sasha.

  2. Great Marco shots. Your story about your friend is very funny and I love the horse. My favorite is Sasha though. I love you Dog, she's so sweet.

  3. Love this post! Great burro story and terrific shots. I always enjoy your bog. Thanks!

  4. hahaha! I wish I had been there for the burro attack! And you got a picture of him chewing the potato wedges! And that eye. OK, let's see, what else was I going to say oh yes, that I really love that bug picture, a sort of weevil maybe? cool.

  5. I like the second one of the bug...what is that thing?? The pictures of the horse in profile is really well done...just a gorgeous shot. I love the burro story!

  6. These are wonderful JeriLyn! I had several favorites out of this lot.

  7. it is fun seeing unusual flowers, well ones I have never seen before. the burros are so cute and the story is funny. I bet that was fun feeding them. love love love the horse shot!! and an adorable puppy.

  8. JarieLyn your photos are just gorgeous. Love the burro story (I always love to hear the story behind a shot), especially the gentle eye.

  9. Are these wild burros? You did get some gorgeous photos and the animal got his reward- the wedges! lol

  10. awww lovely sasha. that burro's funny. and oh, my ms.pea's sister is here ",)

  11. Oh your macro shots are wonderful..and the burros and horses..I adored! But..that bug is stunning..what is it?? Wonderful shootout hon!!

  12. Talk about "burro-ing" in -- that story is hilarious!

  13. The horse photo is stunning...and I don't even like horses so that is really saying something. I love when you share about the burros - it is something I know nothing about and find it so amusing.



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