Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Rain Came Down

It's finally starting to cool off here a bit. 
Yesterday, the rain came down and made me smile. 
I'm not the only one who enjoyed this welcome change. 
Sasha was really happy. 
 For those of you who don't know, Sasha is my nearly 15 year old dog.

Lately, she has been really clingy.
So, to get her outside by herself is a real feat these days.
Yesterday, I opened the front door to take a photo of the rain and Sasha walked right outside.
(Believe me, this is quite an accomplishment)

I came back in the house and spied on her through the window.
I expected her to come back to the front door but she just stood there in the rain,
letting the drops soak into her thick fur.

She spotted me spying on her but she didn't move.

She stood frozen in the same spot for a few minutes before deciding she wanted back in.

I guess it finally got a little too wet for her.

The rain never lasts for long in Las Vegas.

It pours for a few minutes and then just stops cold as if to tease us like a lover would do.



  1. I would say SEND IT HERE, but you guys really need it more than us.

  2. Today is supposed to be the last of the 90's for awhile. We really need some rain here. It has rally been a dry summer. I'm glad Sasha enjoyed the raindrops. What a beauty she is!

  3. Sasha looks great. I didn't know she was 15! We have cooler weather bit are in desperate need of some rain.

  4. Sasha looks like she enjoyed every minute of that rain!



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