Thursday, July 22, 2010

What being in love looks like

These are my parents
and they are still in love.

My mom was just 28 when she met my step dad and he was 23.
My mom will be 64 next month and my dad will be 59.

They are inseparable and lots of fun to go out with.
They can really dance up a storm and I love watching them when they're on the dance floor.

They really do look at each other with passion.
I think it's really cool.

And their story is so awesome.

And I love them so much.


  1. What a lovely example for you!!

  2. How lucky they are to have found each other and have the joy of growing old together.

  3. They say play togeather, stay togeather. Sounds like they know how to have fun.

  4. how sweet are they ?
    and gorgeous !

  5. Being in love Rocks! I can see you in your Mom!

  6. What a beautiful picture!! Loved this post.

  7. Amazing. It is true that couple end up looking alike when they are in love.

  8. I know I've seen Joe around Bakersfield, but I just can't remember where. Maybe at Chamber of Commerce meetings? But could be almost anywhere. How special to have found such as wonderful man after all the problems your mom had before he came along.



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