Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mr. Magoo

The very first time I ever rode in a car with my husband was an enlightening experience.
He was a true gentleman all the way, opening the car door for me, adjusting the air condition so that I wouldn't freeze. 
Yes, he had good manners.
 I had never experienced such gentlemanly behavior from anyone before.
His Momma raised him right and I truly was fascinated with the amount of respect he showed me.
Once he got behind the wheel though, my fascination turned to apprehension.
 I quickly discovered that he was a terrible driver.

Well, I could go into detail as to our first road trip to a Dodger's baseball game, but I think the plaque below tells the story ten times better than I ever could.

I've teased my husband for years about his driving and I often called him Mr. Magoo.

My guilt for all the teasing was eased when his boss gave him this plaque for Christmas a few years back.

It was hilarious because it completely describes his driving skills.


  1. Ha! This is so funny. It's scary sometimes to get in the car with someone else. Thats why I always prefer to drive.

  2. Hahahaha This is so like my hubby and me. He was so gentlemanly but when I got out of the car after his driving I threw up! No kidding. He had to tone it down a bit.

  3. Well, a bad slow driver is way better than a bad fast driver! :>)

  4. "just a hint of drifting." That's too funny.



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