Friday, July 9, 2010

FMTSO: July Fourth Celebration

We celebrated this fourth of July watching fireworks in Boulder City, Nv.

Boulder City is on the outskirts of Las Vegas and is home to the Hoover Dam or close to it anyway.

This event was a camera club outing/field trip
and so for the first time, I learned how to shoot fireworks correctly.

We had a lot of fun.

I haven't edited any of the photos yet, but I'd like to make them more vibrant.

The photo above is one of my favorites. 
 It reminds me of a giant colorful dandelion that would make all my wishes come true if I just blew on it.

I really took a lot of photos.

The thick white in the above photo reminds me of feather,
the kind of feathers that would be on the head of an indian chief.

This next photo is one that I really like a lot. 
My husband took this picture with his camera which has a different lens than mine.
He did a fantastic job.
I edited the hue to make the colors pop more and it looks great.

So, I think I need to edited most of my photos to make them look like this one.

Oops, this one isn't my hubby's photo.  This one is mine too.

The photo below is my hubby's  It is one of my very favorite pics from the fourth.
These fireworks were lower to the ground and I like that you can see the tree line in the background
It looks like the whole city is bursting with colorful, fiery, energy.

Normally, we would spend a quiet evening at home sitting in our charis out on tht front lawn chatting with the rest of our neighbors.  But, we ventured out and had a really good time.

When the fireworks display was over we went to a bar called Remedy's and we ate and had a couple of drinks with friends and other camera club members. 
We really had fun.

I love summer!


  1. Gorgeous pictures Jarielyn! No kidding you learned how to shoot fireworks, each one was perfect! I love the dandilion one. I took pictures one year but they just look like spirograph drawings.

    I'm so glad you are having such a great time with your photography class and that you are having a great summer!

  2. That one really does resemble a dandelion, and then a feather shot too! Amazing. I wonder how they design these things to look like this. All of your shots are great. Did you have to set up a tripod?

  3. Yes Kerry, I used a tripod and a cable release. I put the camera in manual focus set on the infinity symbol located on the lens and then I set my shutter speed on bulb and shot with an F16 aperture and 200 ISO.

  4. I love it when people who can 'talk the talk' also 'walk the walk'. Hope you understand what that means. I'm never sure whether some of our expressions translate to another country.

    Fireworks, dandelions and feathers! I've just come from Lena's blog and she has what looks like a real dandelion. I had a wow moment when I saw your shot so soon after hers. A bit like you are on the same page, reading different lines. Hard to explain.

    Your photos are beautiful, girl! Lovely to read how much you are enjoying the camera club.

  5. these are great - my preference if you were asking my opinion - would be that you don't edit them. they are beautiful just as they are. if you do edit 'save as' and renaim them keep the originals.

    are you going to tell us what the club told you about how to do it right....?

  6. guess I should have read all the comments first!

  7. I know there is fireworks every night in Disney land. is it the same in LV?

    Great photos.

  8. Not a clunker in the entire collection!!!

  9. These are awesome...thanks for the tips. I never am happy with my fireworks photos, but I always forget the tripod...

  10. Your photos are awesome as always! Thanks for the show. I love summer too!

  11. glad you ventured out for the fireworks! your pics are so clear. fantastic shoot out!!

  12. Why do firewoks fascinate everyone so much? Even as I push 76 years residing on this planet, the fun remains.

    You have a real winner here. I sincerely believe you are very creative.

  13. You are like me. A kid in a candy store when there are good photos to be had. And you certainly got some good photos. Spectacular photos!

  14. One of these days I'll be brave and use John's camera, which is an SLR/digital camera with tons of settings that look too complicated to me right now. My tiny digital Canon does have a manual focus, however, and I can set the aperture and ISO--I just never do. I struggle with the tripod, and have yet to figure it out. It looks like all of these things are coming to you quite naturally now, and I really admire you for this.

  15. Jarie Lyn, Your one the best writers I've read, you sould have a column in a news paper.

  16. Fireworks are difficult to photograph well. Yours are fantastic!

  17. i get your favorite photo. it's like being a kid again and interpreting what we see up there in the clouds.



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