Friday, June 18, 2010


This week's theme for the Friday My Town Shoot Out is Rocks. I'm kind of excited about the theme this week, not because I'm crazy about rocks but because I live in the desert.  All I ever see is dirt, cactus and rocks.  Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration but this theme affords me lots of photo opportunities in my town without having to think too creatively.  Wow, that didn't sound too good.  I love to think creatively.  I love a challenge. What I meant to say is that with my time seeming to be so scarce lately, this theme should be a breeze to fit in.

Now that I think about it, there was a time when I was crazy about rocks.  I used to walk around and collect the ones I thought were pretty with lots of color in them like greens, blues, reds and black and white.  Heck, at one point I even decided I was going to be an artiss and paint rocks and sell them and make a few bucks.  Yep, that was a long time ago and though I did attempt my hand at the paint brush, the artist I envisioned in my mind, never took over my body.  However, I do have proof that the idea popped into my head and that I actually tried to paint rocks....not my best business idea.  Well, maybe the business idea isn't so bad, but the artist in me failed big time.  See for yourself as this is the first of my rock photos for today's theme.

Circa 1986

Well, now that you've experienced my artistic talent I'll move on to the rocks found in the Las Vegas Valley.

Some rocks appeal to the wild life and are very useful as resting spots.

Some rocks are formed soley to create beautiful waterfalls.

Some rocks encircle the ashes and remnants of trash leftover from a camp fire.

Some rocks naturally create stairways

Some rocks look like the surface of the moon

Some rocks are big and have lots of shapes and textures

Some rocks even allow trees to grow

Rock formations create the mountains that surround Las Vegas

Pictured above is part of Red Rock Mountain.

We have lots of mountains within an hour's distance.

In addition to Red Rock, there is Mt. Charleston, Sunrise Mountain,
Valley of Fire, Black Mountain, and probably a few more that I have missed.

You could probably include Lake Mead Recreational area as the lake is surrounded by rocks.

Well, it's time for me to go scout out some rocks in blog land. 


  1. Hey Jarielynn! I've missed reading your blog but the amount of time I can sit before the computer is to blame!!!

    I love the rocks that make the stairway, very pretty!

  2. What a fun and clever way to Spotlight your creative talents with the painted rock. Although it is quite unique and artistically done, I believe your talent has definately expanded to your eye for the perfect ROCK Pictures. Everyone one very creatively shot...especially like the waterfall rocks. Great ShootOut!

  3. You have tons of rock-photo-ops from the looks of it. Beautiful texture-y things! Nice variety; I like the moonscape rock.

  4. Ooooo beautiful shots!!! I love textured rocks...wonderful hon!!
    Hugs, Sarah

  5. you live in a beautiful area. love the shot as rocks for resting places for the ducks. very clear! all your images are great, even your artistic rock! :-)

  6. A wonderful collection of natural rocks, JarieLyn. I have a place for your 1986 rock, it would be the bright spot amongst my little collection of rocks that Georgia and I pick up around the place. I think it's lovely! Also love the name of Red Rock Mountain, so romantic somehow. Most of our mountains have long Maori names that are difficult to pronounce.

  7. Yeah, you did this one up right! You live in a very pretty area of the world. Great job.

  8. Wow what a very clever post you've got here. I love it all. Happy weekend!


  9. This is a perfect and complete set of rock photos. There's a lovely views! I love it.

  10. I so love the rocks in the desert. Thank you so much for letting me revisit without all the heat.

    Thanks for dropping by my place this week.

  11. I love how you presented this theme. Your photography highlights the different aspects of each rock.

  12. how did I miss this last week? I thought I read all of the rock posts. I love the rocks of the desert - I used to draw them using felt tip pen / ink - the rock stairway would be my favorite to draw.



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