Saturday, June 26, 2010

FMTSO- Water/Lakes/Streams

Ah, the goodness of water.  It's cool, it's refreshing and it's fabulous.

It's also this week's theme for the Friday My Town Shoot-Out.

We have a couple of lakes in Las Vegas, Lake Mead being the largest and most well known
recreational spot for fishing, boating and camping.

There's also Lake Las Vegas which is a semi-private lake for homeowners in that community as well as the guests of the surrounding hotels.

The photo below depicts a view of Lake Mead as seen by me just about two weeks ago.

I did a little bit of editing with a photoshop plug in.
The effect is called midnight which casts a darker look to the entire image and adds a bit of a soft glow.
I like the way it turned out.

Here's another photo of Lake Mead using the same effect.

Now I'm going into my archives to retrieve a photo of Lake Mead from Last year.

I think I may have posted this one before.

My favorite place to go in the summer is to Laughlin because the river is so clear
and beautiful and much prettier than the Lake.

The lakes in the desert are much different than the lakes I grew up around.
There are no grassy picnic areas to pull the boat up to,
nonetheless, I still enjoy being in the water and just drifting along feeling the serenity of nature.

To see more water photos click here.


  1. Summer and water just go together! Love your pictures and wish I was there.

  2. That ice cold drink is calling my name! lol love that photo.

  3. that does not look like a glass of water - more like a pina colada (?)

    I have never seen lake mead or been to Los Vegas - one of these I will start traveling in the USA and see more of my country. I know Rome better than Washington DC. doesn't seem right does it?

  4. I like that effect; it's kind of haunting.

  5. the first shot is amazing. the effects you are using is great. beautiful lake!

  6. Ok now I'm thirsty and want to go swimming! Great shots JL!

  7. I have been posting on FB some stuff that I do with PSE on photos. Having fun, I see.

  8. Oooooo that is beautiful hon...I think it is called ortanish on my of my favorite processes. Oh that lake just looks good enough to jump into..still too cold in ours...brrrrrrrr.

  9. These photos are all lovely. Lake Mead looks particularly inviting.

  10. That first photo looks like the scene in a movie I saw a long time ago. So long ago I can't remember the name or the premise of the movie, but I remember the amazing shot of the water, it looked just like yours.



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