Friday, June 4, 2010

FMTSO: Menus

Last night I had a beginner's group meeting with my camera club.  Since the meeting didn't start until
7:30 pm Gayla and I decided to grab a bite to eat at Lone Star restaurant prior to arrival.
Although the steak sounded very appetizing I ordered a sirloin dip instead.
It wasn't fabulous, but it was tasty enough to satisfy me.

Earlier this year, after one of our club meetings we stopped at the mexican restaurant pictured below to have a drink and some chips and salsa.

I take my camera just about everywhere with me. 
Nothing is sacred if I'm having fun or if I think something is neat.
There's a an old fashioned ice cream and candy store in Boulder City that I love to visit.
Pictured below is a sign offering candy from the 1920's, 30's, 40's and 50's.

I love signs and billboards and I love sweets.  So obviously, I just had to take a photo of the sign below.
This is outside a gas station/store in California and I took this photo while on a field trip with my camera club.
Although I didn't buy any fudge or nuts, I did however, purchase some dried papaya.  It was very tasty.

Last weekend my husband and I went to an Indian Pow-Wow.
One of the great things about going to these types of events is the fabulous fry bread.
I didn't have any but I sure wanted some.
The line was way too long and I didn't feel like waiting for it.
Here is the sign offering this tasty treat.

And something to drink

Normally, I don't drink anything other than water or tea because I try to avoid as much sugar as possible.
(except of course when I indulge in a margarita or glass of wine)
But, being stuck in the desert at an event and no iced tea to be found I just had to have a cup of lemonade.
I'm telling you this was the best lemonade I have ever tasted.
They Native Americans running the stand made it fresh to order.
It was fascinating to watch the system they had down.
The man would cut the lemon in half, squeeze the lemon juice by hand with an old fashioned glass juicer then he would pour it into a cup.  The lady would then take the lemon juice and mix it with a concoction that she had ready.  I'm not sure if it was sugar and water, but whatever it was it sure made good lemonade.
I should have taken a photo of their process.
They worked really well as a team.

Well, although I didn't get any photos of fancy menus like i wanted, I did have fun with this theme.
To check out more menus from around the world click here.


  1. Hello Miz. Chick. Thanks for stopping by. I liked your post for today a lot. I try to keep my camera handy too, but let the battery go down at my gd's wedding and pictures were fuzzy. Need to get some spares.
    Great blog you have here.

  2. poo to fancy menus - grab&go food can be just as fun!
    ah, for a bit of fry bread...

  3. I see that LoneStar and Mexican Food Menu. A place after my own Texas Heart. Nice ShootOut!

  4. Taking your camera everywhere makes you a photographer!

  5. maybe fancy menus aren't really real life. I liked your story. we could travel in the same circles, margaritas and fry bread - sounds good to me.

    word verf.... bowwoetc... sounds like a native indian fesival.

  6. What a great collection of shots. I love the EAT in the arrow and the menus a la banners is a cool idea to show too.

  7. JarieLyn, you can't honestly be in the Beginners Group at your camera club! I'll have to enquire if there is a camera club around that does a Kindergarten Group. Love your photos as always. Especially the quirky dripping ice cream sign!

  8. I like the big salad especially if it has some salmon or lobsters in them.

    Ah fresh lemon juice, if you came to my house last year, I will serve you this with a mint. but this year, both the lemon tree and the mint plant aren't so generous.

  9. I love looking at all your photos! I bring my camera with me everywhere too but some places you just can't take photos!

  10. You always share exciting stories about your journey and i like the way you represent your FSO theme. I caught my attention on this post is you mentioned about dried papaya. There are a lot of papaya here in my country but I never find nor eat some. Now i wonder how....

  11. Fun food is the best food. And |I lemonade doesn't taste great in the desert, it never will.

  12. would it be wrong to wear t-shirts that read "i'm a whore to my camera"....or just "camera whore" that bad ?

    i think you and i need those t-shirts...even if we can only wear them inside :)

  13. great post and fabulous photos! love the wagon sign, very colorful. fresh made lemonade is the best. they usually have that at the many fairs here in Michigan during the summer months.

  14. Such fun photos. I can't go anywhere without my camera either. It's just.. wrong. That lemonade sounds wonderful right about now.

  15. There was an Indian Pow-Wow at Bakersfield College a few weeks ago. I went last year but due to this darned Sciatica I couldn't go this year. I love to watch the dancing!

    My mom makes an excellent Indian Fry Bread. She hasn't made it in ages, maybe I can talk her into it this weekend!

    I love the Kettle Korn you can find at the Pow-Wow! Great pictures.



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