Saturday, April 10, 2010

MTFSO: Desert Country Roads

I really love driving down country roads and through the countryside.

Unfortunately, I live in the desert and for me,

the back roads here aren't really representative of what I call country roads.

Driving through the country or out in the middle of nowhere in the desert

doesn't present the passerby with views of farms or cows or horses.

There are no meadows of green grass and cute little critters grazing in its bounty.

It's very rare to see a tractor in operation.

There are no crops to be harvested or land to be plowed. 

However, when driving through our desert country roads it is quite common to see old mines.

It is also very common to see wild burros.

Sometimes, the burros venture into the nearby town.

This baby burro was comfortable relaxing in the street, ignoring all the tourists walking by.

He even allowed a few people to give him rubs.

In the desert, if you look up you will see birds circling the vast space looking for their next prey.
Sometimes, there are nice surprises that you just didn't expect to find in the middle of the desert.

A little piece of history that may perhaps be gone the next time this road is traveled.

Discovering these gas pumps in the middle of the desert was awesome.
And then there is always that old truck that seems to be everywhere.

It may not be the same exact truck but take me on a drive anywhere and I'll spot one of these for you.

Well, that's the end of my road for now folks.

I hope you enjoyed the ride.

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  1. Great stuff! I thought I had gone back in a time machine. Thanks for posting.

  2. Stunning... even though it's the desert, you still have beautiful scenery, and you captured it beautifully. :)

  3. JarieLyn, as usual your bring us something distinctly different. Love your shots, the gas pumps (Wow!), the old truck, love 'em all.

  4. The gas pumps, looks like a Western movie, can you still pump gas from them?

  5. JarieLyn - I love it. You have so much interesting stuff to photograph that so many of us never see. It's kind of cool that not all out 'country roads' are quite the same.

  6. Oh, oh you have touched my hear, well you always do with other stuff, but the burros, I want to reach out and rub his belly, and Gordon is right a time machine you have taken me on as well...I just watch an old western and the burros where there too!

  7. That burro taking a siesta in the street is hilarious! I've never seen anything like it.

  8. It's so great seeing your world through your camera lens. So many things I probably wouldn't even notice until you show them to me!



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