Monday, April 19, 2010

Authentically Me

Authentically me. 
Sometimes I wonder what it really means to be authentically me.

I do my best to portray my true self to others.

And then sometimes I think I am only showing them the parts of me that I think they want to see.

I'm not sure I'm living my truth because I think if I were my life would seem more in balance.

I wouldn't be questioning my choices so often.

I dig deep to find the answers to my questions.

I seek validation and I never get it.

Maybe I'm seeking validation from the wrong source.

I should not seek validation from anyone accept myself.

I think maybe I am more afraid of seeing myself for who I really am

than I am of letting others see who I am.

Authentically me.

I'm a work in progress striving to reach my full potential.

I am searching for love that doesn't exist accept within myself.

I'm a little sad today.

Even though I look back with negative feelings,

I replace those with forgiveness.

 And I  look ahead with optimism, hope, faith and happy dreams

because the part of me that is authentic is the me that still believes in fairy tales.


  1. That is the best part of you and should always be cherished.

  2. you said it....i think we are all a constantly finding ourselves....our authentic self is who we are on any given day.....but not necessarily the same person as we were the day before....

  3. Good for you JarieLyn! You are an amazing person.

  4. Hi JarieLyn. By the time I catch up with everyones FSOs it will be Friday again. Loved your chappy heading out to dine!

    I enjoyed this post, too. I think we've all been where you are now, I know I have been. Then I got older and just sort of shrugged and thought, "To hell with it, being anyone other than myself is too much work! Being me is easy." Maybe it just gets easier with age.

  5. Love yourself the most. Thats what I do! It makes everyone else happy.



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