Monday, February 15, 2010

Photo Scavenger Hunt

My Camera Club had its first field trip of the year on Saturday.  It was a scavenger hunt.  In order to participate, we were required to bring an empty memory card which was then tagged with a unique number and then we were given a list of ten items.  The rules stated that all images had to be taken on Saturday, Feb. 13th on the marked card and not removed from the marked card.  No cropping, no editing allowed.  We had until 5:00 pm to complete the scavenger hunt.  We could take as many photos of the items as we wanted, however, when we turned in our memory card, it could only have ten images.  That meant if we took several photos of an item on the list, we had to delete the extra images.  The winner will receive a gift and images will be judged on quality, creativity, composition and the best interpretation of the items on the list.  The purpose of the field trip is to teach us to expose properly in camera, to realize that there are photos everywhere and to think a bit outside the box.

This assignment was much more challenging than I anticipated.  It wasn't a challenge to find the items, but it was quite challenging taking a photo that was tight.  I guess I am so accustomed to cropping that I don't really think about getting a tight image in camera.  So, I took over 200 photos and to be honest I wasn't overly thrilled with any of them but I had to delete two hundred photos before turning my card in.  It wasn't easy choosing but without further ado, here is the list of items and my photos I took.

Be sure to click on the images to ENLARGE your viewing experience.

1.) White Cross

2.)  Welcome Sign

3.)  Statue of a horse

4.)  Water Feature

5.)  Ornamental Iron

6.)  Star

7.)  Arch

8.)  Flag (s)

9.)  Chocolate

10.)  Playing

The guy in the last photo was kind enough to pose for me.  The band was still setting up getting ready to play but  wasn't scheduled to start until 4:30 which meant we didn't have time to stick around.

I really like how the horse statue and the water feature turned out as well as this last photo.  The cross and the welcome sign were the first photos I took and I don't like them at all but at least I completed the assignment.  It took us about four and half hours to complete.


  1. Yay for you,you did a great job. What an interesting assignment ...something to really get you thinking and fun too.

  2. I live the horse and water feature as well. I think the star and the iron turned our really well. The arch was pretty unique, most people probably would have taken a picture of a bridge. I think you did great. The band guy is pretty cute too!

  3. That was a very cool assignment. You did a great job. My favorite is the water too. Fun. fun :)

  4. Good for you.. that was well done. Were you allowed to go wherever you wanted to find shots?

    That chocolate made me drool!

  5. now that was a challenge. but it sounds like fun. your pictures rock JL. as always.

  6. Wow, these are terrific. Sounds like a fun time!

  7. what a fun way to spend a day....I love it !

  8. Great idea for an assignment, and you did it so well. Cool angle on the star, and I like the ornamental door handle. Great job!

  9. I love scavenger hunts and I love your photos. Great job!

  10. JarieLyn - A reversing ring is something you use to attach a lens to your camera backwards. I know it sounds crazy but you can take macro pics that way. You need to make sure the ring is for your camera and the size matches the filter size of the lens you want to reverse.

  11. Great assignment. My favorite is the chocolate -- love the blurred reflection. Nice job.

  12. Are you okay? Missing you :)

  13. now that sounds like a ton of fun! I like the arch shot but all are fantastic. have a wonderful weekend!!



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