Thursday, February 4, 2010

Friday Town Shoot Out: Circles

This theme presented me with inspiration everywhere.  I didn't want to stop shooting.  I saw circles around every corner.  The most difficult thing about this theme is choosing which photos to post because I have a lot.  I narrowed it down but I'm still posting quite a few photos so I hope you all enjoy seeing circles through my eyes.  I'm starting out with the Radio Shack logo because it's an R inside a circle.  Perfect.  It also represents the first letter of my last name.  There couldn't have been a better omen if I had been seeking one.

Oh, and don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge the image, especially on the cropped photos
and the photo of the moon.  You really can't tell how bright it is until you enlarge the image.

That moon last week exuded such a perfect glowing circle.  It was so bright .
I zoomed in with my telephoto lens and it about blinded me.
See for yourself.

An interesting jewlery holder

One of my favorite things to do is tour model homes.
I think it is so much fun and it's also great for inspiration and creativity.
The next few photos are from one of my tours.

Monday I drove to Pahrump, Nevada for wine tasting.
The following photos are from my trip.
The first photo is from the winery and the other photos are from the restaurant where I had lunch.

Chocolate, Cherry and Pistachio Spimoni

And in my favorite boutique where I met up with my friend Gail...

I found lots of circles in my house.
But I'll just show you a few.
Pardon the dust.  I'm lazy when it comes to that job.

This week I have not been motivated to cook.
Tonight, I brought home a pizza.
Does that mean that it defeats the purpose of my work out today? 
Oh well, I won't take myself down that guilt trip.
I've got better places to go.


Click on this link if you'd like to see more circles and/or add a link that leads to your blog to participate.

Check out the Friday Town Shoot Out main page to learn more about this group.

I appreciate you stopping by.

Mucho Gracias.


  1. Love your variety of circles. My favorite would have to be the bubble mirror. It's neat how you caught all of the reflections. That moon is amazing, what a great picture !
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Yet another wonderful and different interpretation...I would have to say we could always use a the round circles of the TP you have so wonderfully presented in an artistic way!

  3. Fantastic! Haven't seen an old phone like that for ages either!!!

  4. Between the chocolate and the pizza I am so hungry!

  5. Yours is the second post I've looked at...I think this is going to be the Friday of variety. Circles are everywhere! Toilet paper! Of course. How could I have missed it. And I did have to blow up the telephone in case it was an actual rotary one. Nice antique. Interesting antique toys. Aren't antiques supposed to be dusty? Dusting them deteriorates their value, I thougt.

  6. What an elegant post. Just took my breathe away. Circles are not only everywhere, they can be very classy too!

    Linda and Barry

  7. I loved the variety of circles! These were so great that I don't have a favorite. I can definitely say that your Pizza pic has inspired me to order Pizza for dinner. lol

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Oh I agree...I took too many photos of circles. They are everywhere once you start looking. Love your selection.

  9. Plenty of circles, color and imagination. Great post gal. I liked it.

  10. First ChefE, and now you; I really really have to go get something to eat. Just can't tear myself away from all the great pictures! I would say you had a fantastic eye for circles this week, such variety. That big letter "R" is super cool! And so is everything else. Well, time for lunch.

  11. I think Barry found the right word - that is an elegant post. Isn't it wonderful that the moon has been bright here too this week?! My moon shot was taken early in the evening. Love the brightness of yours! And the food - the pizza and that to-die-for looking chocolatey thing!!

  12. Great job on your circles. I'd be like you and just couldn't quit.

  13. nice shoot out! I like the circle wall with the dining table and chairs in the circles. very cool image.

  14. I found myself wishing that this subject would come up again to accommodate all the circles we found...I loved where your circles took you - but I have to say my favorite, for the ingenuity, was the TP. Thank you for welcoming me to the shoot out - it was lovely to get a comment from you!

  15. Did Gordan Ramsey cook for you?

    I LOL when I saw your bathroom tissues. You are so humerous.

  16. I like that 5th picture, so nicely done with the many circles on the mirror!

  17. Yummmm pizza - next month I am in the states and first thing will have an AMERICAN pizza - no where else are they as good.
    nice shots all - is it my imagination or is everyone's photos getting better and better - excellent post!

  18. Great variety of shots! Love that old-fashioned phone. That dessert looks amazingly delicious too.

  19. how fun was that ?
    it's so great to have a subject to purposely look for...
    I think the next theme should pool boys....maybe....huh ???

    just sayin :)

  20. Nice shots. LOL @ the TP, but it fits :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  21. That second shot of the model home, makes me want to remodel!

  22. Great selection, my favorite is the old rotary dial phone.

  23. your photography is amazing! loved them all - laughed out loud at the toilet paper rolls.



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