Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Friendly Generation Gap

Gail is one of my best friends.

She is twenty five years older than I am and looks fabulous at seventy years old.

I met her when she worked at the District Courthouse.

We hit it off right away and I worked my schedule so that we could have lunch together every day.

She's been retired now for five years and lives about an hour away

but that hasn't been a deterrent for our friendship.

We keep in touch regularly through e-mail, phone, and personal visits.

So, the other day when I went wine tasting in Pahrump,

I couldn't leave town without contacting my dear friend.

We met each other at our favorite gift shop in Pahrump and started taking photos.

Snapping photos is just one of the many things we have in common.

Gail loves to have her picture taken.

She is quite the extrovert and loves to be the center of attention without being conceited or self-centered.

She knows how to have fun.

She has lived more since being retired than while she was working.

She dances with the Silver Tappers,

a group of tap dancers for senior citizens who perform all over the State of Nevada.

She makes jewlery and every time I see her she has a gift for me.

She likes to drink wine with me and we always have the most juicy conversations.

She's also very much in love with my husband and she calls him her dreamboat.

I'm not jealous though.

She is one smart cookie and I am blessed to have her as my friend.

The above photo is courtesy of my friend Gayla.


  1. It's always nice to read about good friends.

  2. That photo(and your tribute to your friend) made my night! Two beautiful, happy women.

  3. Gail sounds like a fabulous woman, and a dear friend. you are both lucky to have found each other.

  4. When I'm 70 I hope I have a friend like you. I love the picture of you two together.

  5. So nice to have a friendship with so much in common. Age is over rated - it's just numbers.

  6. Gail sounds like a hoot!
    Nothing like good friends!

  7. she does look stunning at 70. it's endearing for you to say that you're not at all jealous with her being in love with your hubby.

  8. Awwww JarieLyn, what a great story. I have always had great friendships with people much younger than I am. I guess I've been their "Gail". I hope they speak as well of me as you do of Gail, she seems like quite a character!

  9. Loved this post! What a sweet tribute to your friend! I have always had friends older than me. Right now I am loving some 50-something friends. They are comfortable in their skin, they know who they are and they are happy. I 'stumbled' on your blog via clicking randomly on tons of blogs (SMILE!) The first thing I noticed was the vintage pin up! I am totally into old pin up! We may have thing or two in common. Stop by sometime and see. ~ Maggie Beth (Decade Do-Over)



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